4.3.20 CSGO Slate

This is the largest CS slate so far, with 12 total teams playing. We have some of the best and worst teams going and our first time seeing Tyloo and OG in a Draftkings slate. We also have some very meaningful games where teams are fighting for their lives, like FaZe. These games will have a different weight to them and the stars should shine. With a wide range of salaries, this will feel most like a normal DFS slate so far and always chase top performers, rather than the most expensive players!

*Updated* Corrected an error in regards to Mouz, specifically frozen. 

Draftkings’ scoring follows the chart shown below, with a focus on K/D and clutch plays. Rosters are set with a Captain position who receives 1.5x his points at 1.5x his salary, but beyond that it is positionless. This is important to understand because CS teams follow a composition of different roles such as IGL (In game leader), entry fragger, support, etc. With Draftkings making no distinction between players, it is left to you to decide which roles are most important within this scoring system and to take advantage of that. For several teams for example, their IGL is not often going to score highly as they may be less skilled at the game but are valuable in ways that Draftkings doesn’t record. With that in mind, I will jump into a quick look at the roles of key players, their key stats, and how their perceived performance should fair in accordance with their salary. 

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+1.5 Pts
Assists+1 Pt
Deaths-1 Pt
Entry Kill (First Kill of the round)+0.5 Pts
1v2 Clutch+1 Pt
1v3 Clutch+2 Pts
1v4 Clutch+3 Pts
1v5 Clutch+5 Pts
Quad Kill+3 Pts
Ace+5 Pts
Game Length adjustmentAdjustment for 30 max rounds (A players score gets multiplied by 30 and divided by number of rounds played)

Our top plays are designed to show the most playable options on each team, factoring in performance and price. The top 2 plays on each team will be in our player pool and the third tier top plays are people we will sprinkle in a bit along with the core group. All of the statistics shown are for the last 3 months to see who has been performing well recently while still keeping a significant sample size. Good luck to everyone and we are always looking for feedback on how to improve the readability of our content! 

OG V FaZe (12:25 PM EST) OG +181 / FaZe -244


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

I mean, they lost to VP yesterday but that was a weird fluke and a game that was within their grasp. There are no clear top options but ISSAA was massive against VP and often goes positive even if the overall stat line doesn’t pop. At his very low price he could allow some lineups to fit the expensive, flashy guys we all love. We could see valde and mantuu sneaking in on some more creative lineups but don’t stack this team or expect one of them to carry you. These are the “oh crap, I couldn’t afford who I wanted” backup plan guys in our opinion. 

Top Plays: ISSAA, no second option, valde/mantuu


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact
NiKo $82001.22.761.3

FaZe features one of my favorite plays in all of CS, NiKo. He is their hard carry and has top scorer potential on any slate, but especially this one given the matchup. He is still being undervalued and should easily be over $9,000 in this spot. Coldzera is my second favorite play as he’s been on a consistent roll and a 2-0 or 2-1 win should afford some great opportunities for him and broky. A 2 man stack here is making sense to me, hoping they don’t screw up a great sweep opportunity. This is a must win game for FaZe, fade them at your own risk.

Top plays: NiKo, coldzera, broky

G2 V mouz (12:25 PM EST) G2 -106 / mouz -122


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

I’m so excited for this one! A couple of the biggest stars in the C & D groups are going at it and I think G2 should be able to get this one 2-1. In big games you need bigger players and on each side we want to look at their leaders. HuNter- and kennyS are always my favorite plays on the slate as old reliable and boom or bust kennys are both players that rise to a challenge. Their prices are very competitive for their potential, likely due to the lower chance of a 2-0 series, and this can provide a big payoff. Nexa can shine again but his price is spooking me a bit. KennyS did very well against mouz in their last matchup and he could be a big captain spot hero today if you stray from NiKo and others. 

Top plays:  huNter-, kennys, nexa


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Mouz lost their last series with G2 2-1 and the usual suspects of ropz and woxic were their only positive players. This should continue today and please ignore karrigan’s big performance against a much lesser Tyloo team. Frozen has also been playing really well and is a nice discount to his teammates, putting him in a good spot. 

Top plays: ropz, frozen, woxic

Tyloo V VP (12:25 PM EST) Tyloo +219 / VP -303


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Imagine being a severe underdog to VP.

Top plays: No


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

They did it, they finally got back in the win column against OG! This is the best spot VP could possibly have to get some great scores and their pricing is not reflective of that. Tyloo is a punching bag incarnate and VP will be wondering if they are actually in a server full of bots. Jame looked unstoppable at times yesterday and he leads the pack with qikert, and buster as solid plays. Still don’t play AdreN please. 

Top plays: Jame, qikert, buster

EG V Liquid (4:00 PM EST) EG +129 / Liquid -169


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

This is another fun matchup of a few of the better teams on the slate. Brehze was popping heads all over the place yesterday and has been putting together a great stretch for EG. He is the easy #1 pick here and his price is a bit of a discount off of yesterday. EG is a team with a dynamic duo of Brehze and CeRq and their patience and team play should give them an advantage over a more reckless liquid squad. 

Top plays: Brehze, CeRq


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

 In their last appearance against EG, Twistzz put up a massive +27 K/D that overshadowed solid showings by NAF and EliGE. He has been up and down recently but is almost always the third fiddle behind the gruesome twosome of ELiGE and NAF. All three can put up big spots today but this should be a 2-1 series once again 

Top plays: EliGE, NAF, Twistzz

FUR V 100T (4:00 PM EST) FUR +121 / 100T -159


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

O KSCERATO, KSCERATO wherefore art thou KSCERATO? If you played him with any regularity like we did yesterday, you likely used more profane language to ask what the **** he was doing in that series. Yuurih played very well but the rest of his team really didn’t show up. 100T has 2-3 guys that always seem to find their way in a similar vein as FUR and I feel like map selection will play a huge role in this series. 

Top plays: Yuurih, no second option, KSCERATO/HEN1


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

100 Thieves is looking to end their 2 game slide here and they will be looking to do it against a wounded FUR squad. Jkaem, Gratisfaction, and jks are their big boys and figuring out what to do with them is the key to this game. With such close pricing, there’s not much of a distinction but jkaem has an edge in his reliability. Deciding between Gratisfaction and jks comes to looking at how the awp will play against FUR and I believe they counter it well so I will slide jks over Gratis. 

Top plays: jkaem, jks, Gratisfaction

MiBR V Swole Patrol (4:00 PM EST) MiBR -145 / S +111


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

MiBR went to map 3 before ultimately falling yesterday against a stacked EG squad. This opponent is a step down from EG but has been playing hard and playing well. I really like how FalleN has been looking, as well as kNgV. Fer has had bigger moments but has been playing recklessly and dying too frequently and it has irritated us to no end. You can never fade one of the top guys in a sport like this so we’ll have a little exposure to him but he is nowhere near a top guy we’re looking at on Friday.

Top plays: FalleN, kNgV, fer


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

The apparent pricing mishap for Zellsis yesterday has been corrected today and he shows up as Swole Patrol’s most expensive player which is too much of a swing in the opposite direction. Swole has been playing very well and I feel confident in them for this series despite the underdog status. The problem here lies in that there has not been a distinct scoreboard leader for the squad since Cooper- went on a tear and he remains their highest upside player. I like him as a one-off for exposure to the team, and MarKE can have a solid game if you need extreme salary relief (really risky). Nobody here is expensive and if you’re liking this spot, you can save some money here.

Top plays: Cooper-, Zellsis, MarKE

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