4.4.20 CSGO Slate

Time for some playoffs. This 5 game slate follows a bunch of great games yesterday and I hope you stacked hard against Tyloo and scored some free money on a high scoring day. Today we see a few teams for the first time on DK and the #2 player in the world, Zywoo. There are no terrible teams to pick on here and it should again be a battle of the stars as every game, every map, every life matters here. Good luck to all and have a safe weekend.  

Draftkings’ scoring follows the chart shown below, with a focus on K/D and clutch plays. Rosters are set with a Captain position who receives 1.5x his points at 1.5x his salary, but beyond that it is positionless. This is important to understand because CS teams follow a composition of different roles such as IGL (In game leader), entry fragger, support, etc. With Draftkings making no distinction between players, it is left to you to decide which roles are most important within this scoring system and to take advantage of that. For several teams for example, their IGL is not often going to score highly as they may be less skilled at the game but are valuable in ways that Draftkings doesn’t record. With that in mind, I will jump into a quick look at the roles of key players, their key stats, and how their perceived performance should fair in accordance with their salary. 

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+1.5 Pts
Assists+1 Pt
Deaths-1 Pt
Entry Kill (First Kill of the round)+0.5 Pts
1v2 Clutch+1 Pt
1v3 Clutch+2 Pts
1v4 Clutch+3 Pts
1v5 Clutch+5 Pts
Quad Kill+3 Pts
Ace+5 Pts
Game Length adjustmentAdjustment for 30 max rounds (A players score gets multiplied by 30 and divided by number of rounds played)

Our top plays are designed to show the most playable options on each team, factoring in performance and price. The top 2 plays on each team will be in our player pool and the third tier top plays are people we will sprinkle in a bit along with the core group. All of the statistics shown are for the last 3 months to see who has been performing well recently while still keeping a significant sample size. Good luck to everyone and we are always looking for feedback on how to improve the readability of our content! 

Envy(+148) V Cloud9(-196)  (12:00 PM EST)


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Envy is facing C9 again, after beating them 2-1 in a series on the 27th. Calyx had carried in that series with a +25 k/d ratio and a great overall score. At his reduced price of $7k, he offers great upside potential. We kinda hate everyone else to be honest and don’t really see us having exposure to anyone else and Calyx may not be a primary target. If you really believe in Envy here, MICHU and Nifty are usually their secondary options, but secondary options won’t really win you a GPP.

Top Plays: Calyx,        MICHU, Nifty


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

OSee and floppy were the best C9 performers in the nV series but neither went off per se. OSee has been the much more consistent performer of the two and as a series that screams 2-1 to us, they also will not be a prime target in our lineups as we focus on more interesting games. Motm is coming off a huge performance and his price reflects that, but we prefer his teammates right under him. Sonic is all the way down at 4600 because of his recent games, but he had a strong stretch just before that. He is an interesting option if you really need the value.

Top plays: oSee, floppy, motm, Sonic

NiP(+131) V fnatic(-179)  (12:00 PM EST)


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

We are all in on Plopski as our favorite play of the day. He has been one of the top performers in the ESL this season and his $7400 salary is ludicrous. The only way he can disappoint is if fnatic steamrolls over NiP and that’s a risk worth taking for a lot of our lineups. If they can win here, we’ll be pairing Plopski with Lekr0, as he has been the Ninjas’ only other consistent player recently. If you want a third option, twist is certainly playable, but since his price is so close to Lekr0’s, we will be choosing the latter. REZ is a bottom fragger in pajamas and can be ignored.     

Top plays:  Plopski, Lekr0, twist


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

It annoys us that Brollan and KRIMZ are the exact same price, as I was relying on their salaries to differentiate between them. They have been putting up extremely similar stats recently and it is hard to decisively say that one is clearly ahead of the other. Brollan has been getting more entry kills and multi kills recently for the DK bonuses, but I don’t know if that’s enough to put him ahead. We will most likely be stacking the two of them together and not playing them as 1 offs with other team stacks. If they win, and they should, both Brollan and KRIMZ should put up good stat lines, but if they lose, I don’t see either having too crazy of a performance. If you can’t afford both together, flusha is a good next option on this team.

Top plays: Brollan/KRIMZ, no second, flusha

GenG(-152) V Dignitas(+116)  (3 PM EST)  


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

GenG has the slight nod in their favor from current betting odds, after managing a 2-0 sweep of the same Dig squad on the 28th. Autimatic was the standout performer there, but he has not been super exciting outside of that series. Koosta has been by and large their top player for the past month with better stats across the board over his fellow GenGers. We then have to mention that BnTeT and s0m pop up unexpectedly with great showings and we will likely pair one or the other with koosta or autimatic on a few lineups in case of a sweep. 

Top plays: koosta, autimatic, BnTeT/s0m


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

F0rest and GeT_RiGht are the two players on this team of CSGO’s past. They are heads and shoulders above the rest and are both playable in this spot. We will give a nod to f0rest as our lead guy due to the large price differential but a wombo combo could pay dividends. Friberg and GuardiaN barely xizt in the scoreboard and should really be faded. 

Top plays: f0rest, GeT_RiGht

OG(+163) V Vitality(-227)  (4:00 PM EST)


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

The self proclaimed “talking decoy” has dropped to $5800 and out of fantasy relevance with his recent struggles. Mantuu, valde, and ISSAA have all shown potential, but 0 consistency. If you really wanted to play someone from this team, which is not recommended, mantuu would probably be the guy to get. OG has been struggling enough that they lost a series to Virtus.Pro, and this has the look of a 2-0 sweep by Vitality.

Top plays: Mantuu?


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

ZywOo is the Frenchman leading HLTV’s rankings as the #2 player on Earth and he is somehow underpriced at $9400. If anybody could set a record for the highest scoring fantasy performance so far, it’s him. This is far from a guaranteed top performance as he has had his share of off days and shown he is human, but he is the favorite on this slate to put up the highest overall fantasy total. Shox and RpK are usually his sidekicks and could see some solid scores if there is a 2-0 sweep with a hefty GLA. 

Top plays: ZywOo, shox, RpK

cG(-172) V FPX(+131)  (4:00 PM EST)


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

C0ntact finds themselves as slight favorites over FPX even though they just lost a 2-1 series to them the other day. EspiranTo and rallen led the way in that series but they have been really hit or miss. SHIPZ and ottoND have been fairly consistent, but they are priced accordingly. We are not high on this team at all, but EspiranTo in particular can provide massive savings to help stack the rest of your team, you just have to pray he has another solid performance. 

Top plays: ottoND, Espiranto, SHIPZ


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Dapr is the go to guy for FPX and he has been performing in a big way recently, trying his best to drag the rest of his squad into this important series. The problem is he is accurately priced today and should likely only be used as a one off in your lineup because there isn’t much to be excited about with the rest of the roster. 

Top plays: dapr

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