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After releasing yesterday’s article, I was a little worried I had understated eStar’s ability to stomp and gather as many fantasy points as possible. Thankfully I trusted my gut and remained skeptical of that matchup, as RNG proved themselves worthy and took eStar down 2-0. Wink had the highest number of kills on that team with 2 in Game 1, which is incredibly frightening for those who believed eStar would carry them to the top of the fantasy league. 

GenG, iG, and T1 were all fairly one sided, although T1 managed to drop a game against Griffin. Afreeca disappointed as usual, making those 4 series great investments. GenG and iG in particular saw some great gains with Ruler getting very fed in Game 1 especially, closing it out 11/0/4. Puff dominated both games as expected, while Rookie was heavier on the assist game. 

With today’s lineup, Draftkings has elected to only include LCK for this slate. It’s possible the games were too spread out, making a slate with both regions too drawn out. Regardless, there should be some great matchups. In addition to this, the lineups are far more likely to be close games, making drafting decisions a bit more difficult. 

My usual advice regarding LPL and kill counts is obviously irrelevant here with only one region in play. This might make it a bit easier to determine teams, but if you’ve been relying entirely on LPL and aren’t familiar enough with LCK you could very well decide to sit this one out. On the other hand, it might be easier to create a roster with only one region to consider. Also, if you aren’t used to picking LCK players, they don’t release lineups early. With LPL, we’ve tried to update each article as rosters are confirmed before games, but this is impossible with LCK. Choose carefully.


StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+3 Pts
Assists+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Creep Score+0.02 Pts
10+ K/A Bonus+2 Pts (10 Kills or 10 Assists in a single game)


StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Turrets+1 Pt
Dragons+2 Pts
Barons+3 Pts
First Blood+2 Pts
Win+2 Pts
Win in Under 30 Minutes Bonus+2 Pts

Quick note: For whatever reason it’s impossible to find updated LCK stats reflecting the most recent games this week. For this reason, I’m going to continue posting the most updated stats I can find, and I’ll make comments about the games played recently to avoid leaving out information.

APK(+308) V KT(-455)  (2AM EST)

Avg. Game Length34:3531:56
First Blood %45.8%53.6%

KT’s last performance against DRX wasn’t too bad, but they seemed unable to close it out. During Game 1, KT maintained a slight gold lead until about 20 minutes when DRX used their dragons to overpower them. Still, a decent performance against DRX could translate into a fantastic one against APK. APK’s poor win/loss ratio proved to be irrelevant in the face of AF, who have been rather sloppy lately. After playing a team suffering from setbacks and misplays, APK might not be ready for what KT has to offer. 


With the exception of HybriD, APK’s individual scores against AF turned out to be rather disappointing. HybriD might not be a bad pick regardless, but if KT makes it a point to target the ADC during their matches, he would be a waste of a pick. Aiming might be one of the safest ADC picks on this slate due to the nature of the below matchups. Bono would be a decent jungle pick for similar reasons. Ultimately, KT’s main damage dealers would be safe picks as they are sure to outperform APK, but there’s no real promise of scoring higher points.

APK Top Picks: Ikssu, HyBrid KT Top Picks: bono, Aiming, TusiN

SB(-119) V HLE(-109)  (5AM EST)

Avg. Game Length34:4633:18
First Blood %33.3%51.9%

Both of these teams just suffered some pretty devastating losses, SB to GenG and HLE to DWG. With GenG, you could see how SB were simply outplayed on a number of fronts, while HLE were simply destroyed. This is certainly a difficult one to call, although there are some lanes where SB may have potential advantages.


Dove stands out as a potential playmaker this series. Even though GenG made short work of SB today, Dove was able to hold his own fairly well. The commentators even made a comment about his name being inspired by Azir, a birdlike champion (which I still don’t entirely understand.. Why a bird?) Even in games where HLE defeated DRX, CuVee was often one of the weaker links, not gathering many kills on Gangplank or Camille. This might make Summit the ideal choice for a top if you’re indecisive about the other two matchups. I doubt this game will be as much of a stomp as both teams’ previous matchups, but I do see SB pulling through. If HLE does come through it will likely be due to the efforts of Haru, although a tankier jungler might mean more assists than anything else. Please note that SB loves to swap players out, so their players are not the safest for fantasy purposes.

SB Top Picks: Summit, Dove, GorillA HLE Top Picks: Haru, Lava

GEN(-222) V DRX(+166)  (8AM EST)

Avg. Game Length32:4933:33
First Blood %82.1%23.3%

This matchup is sure to be a tough one. On one hand, GenG are a powerhouse who seem to only be stopped by T1. On the other, DRX is likely their biggest challenge aside from T1, leading to some interesting lineups. If GenG do pull through as expected, it could mean more farming Ruler for fantasy points, but this matchup is certainly nowhere near as close as their games versus SB. 


Part of Bdd’s higher scoring during their series against SB was his Akali gameplay. Honestly, against a team like DRX, that kind of pick won’t work well unless the entire team composition supports it. The pick against SB felt more like a test, almost as if Bdd said “lets see how far I can push this.” It turns out he could make it work, but I doubt he’ll try anything like that here. Still, there are other kill lanes available to him mid, but if you’re looking for a powerhouse, Ruler is the safest choice. Ruler as your Captain or ADC would be ideal, even if DRX put up a fight. DRX on the other hand have a very strong pick in Pyosik, who managed to go positive with Lee Sin two losses in a row against T1. If DRX does perform well, Pyosik could be a force to be reckoned with, but his opponent in the jungle is by no means a joke. For GenG, top lane would be a safer bet, especially if Rascal pulls out the Sett or even Irelia. For this whole slate, either Summit or Rascal would be fantastic tops, while the rest might not be efficient choices. I wouldn’t sacrifice your lineup just to have as much GenG as possible, as eStar taught many fantasy players that lesson the hard way. Still, GenG is one of the stronger picks in this slate and could be a worthwhile investment. Please note that Kellin and Life could both play in this series for GenG, rendering both of them potentially unplayable. Kellin should start, but use him at your own risk.
GEN Top Picks: Rascal, Ruler DRX Top Picks: Pyosik, Chovy, Deft

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