4.7.20 CSGO Slate

Another 3 game slate is up today, with the same teams as yesterday reshuffled. There are some strange pricing decisions today, giving us a lot of value options but the top guys are all priced properly so we’ll have to pick and choose how to pair them properly. We keep seeing the top teams stack 2 teams with a one off or 2 and it’s important to try to find the perfect captain to squeeze in your guys under the salary cap. Have some fun watching these guys play tomorrow, work out a few stacking options, and be careful avoiding the chalk.  

Draftkings’ scoring follows the chart shown below, with a focus on K/D and clutch plays. Rosters are set with a Captain position who receives 1.5x his points at 1.5x his salary, but beyond that it is positionless. This is important to understand because CS teams follow a composition of different roles such as IGL (In game leader), entry fragger, support, etc. With Draftkings making no distinction between players, it is left to you to decide which roles are most important within this scoring system and to take advantage of that. For several teams for example, their IGL is not often going to score highly as they may be less skilled at the game but are valuable in ways that Draftkings doesn’t record. With that in mind, we will jump into a quick look at the roles of key players, their key stats, and how their perceived performance should fare in accordance with their salary. 

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+1.5 Pts
Assists+1 Pt
Deaths-1 Pt
Entry Kill (First Kill of the round)+0.5 Pts
1v2 Clutch+1 Pt
1v3 Clutch+2 Pts
1v4 Clutch+3 Pts
1v5 Clutch+5 Pts
Quad Kill+3 Pts
Ace+5 Pts
Game Length adjustmentAdjustment for 30 max rounds (A players score gets multiplied by 30 and divided by number of rounds played)

Our top plays are designed to show the most playable options on each team, factoring in performance and price. The top 2 plays on each team will be in our player pool and the third tier top plays are people we will sprinkle in a bit along with the core group. All of the statistics shown are for the last 3 months to see who has been performing well recently while still keeping a significant sample size. Good luck to everyone and stay safe! 

fnatic(-238) V OG(+177)  (8:25 AM EST)


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Fnatic has been on a tear, including an upset over Astralis yesterday. This is a team led by the combined effort of a few key guys and as favorites here could prove to be a viable stack. KRIMZ has as much upside as anybody else on the squad and his depressed price makes him the top target in this matchup. Keep in mind that they only had 1 positive player despite winning yesterday and they really need to manhandle OG to top the scoreboards. That being said, pair KRIMZ with Brollan or flusha if you do a stack here. 

Top Plays: KRIMZ, Brollan/flusha


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

OG made NaVi fans hold their breath yesterday before finally succumbing to s1mple and co in 3 maps. They are underdogs here again in an easier matchup and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them upset fnatic. With their low prices, this could be a massive stack to employ and save salary for the other team’s stars. This comes with the risk of course that they suck again and sink your lineup. We will try the stack with a few combinations but that’s only in our GPPs. 

Top plays: mantuu, valde

NaVi(-127) V Mouz(-103)  (12:00 PM EST)


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

What a fun matchup and a big test for a NaVi team that has looked vulnerable. Boombl4 had as many kills yesterday as salads he’s eaten and s1mple really had to pull off some miracle plays to get the win. He is simply the best on Earth, surrounded by mediocrity. That being said, electronic is their second best player and his price has magically dropped to $6400. It’s hard to trust anyone outside these guys here.

Top plays: s1mple, electronic


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Mouz cleaned up FaZe yesterday and have looked like a well-oiled machine. S1mple has been left out to dry a lot recently and we think that mouz stands a great chance of taking them down here or at least putting up some great fantasy points in a tight loss. Ropz and frozen are total ballers but are priced as such here. For this series to be close, both of them will have to lead the way. If you want to make a 3-man stack, woxic has been the most consistent third option, but he’s priced up a bit too much for our liking.

Top plays: ropz/frozen, woxic

Astralis(-175) V FaZe(+134)  (4 PM EST)  


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

Somehow, the #2 team in the world has kinda sucked recently. Luckily for them, they have a beaten and bruised FaZe clan dropped off at their doorstep to feast on. They are slight favorites, but given how both teams have been playing, we feel strongly that Astralis will win this series, I mean….at least they don’t have an Olofmeister. The problem here is their prices. We see some large salaries for a team that is not led by big individual performances and that makes this a tough choice on a small slate. This leads us to our next point….GLA1VE IS $4800 WHAT HAPPENED HERE? This had to have been an error and we’ll probably see him and s1mple as the highest owned players on the entire slate. Everybody else on Astralis is playable given their likely victory, but it’s a crapshoot how to play them. We like taking the value in the bottom half and spending the higher salaries on hard carries like s1mple. 

Top plays: gla1ve, dupreeh/magisk, device/Xyp9x


PlayerSalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundImpact

If you’re a fan of FaZe, you probably closed the stream halfway through their abomination of a Nuke T side yesterday, and with good reason. Despite taking map 2, they promptly fell apart in the later half of Dust II and whimpered out of the game. Niko played okay but couldn’t carry and we finally saw rain pull out a good series without looking like a bot at times. Rain is a great price today but we fear his play style may be a detriment in this matchup, leaving him as a risky option. Niko is always a possible top performer and you have to have exposure to him to keep up with the field in case he shows off his 100+ point potential again. Broky and coldzera both have their moments and their viability really hinges on how you think FaZe can fair in this matchup, leaving us likely underweight on both. If you’re considering Olof for any reason….why?

Top plays: Niko, rain, broky/coldzera

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