4.11.20 CSGO Rewind

Hello everyone! We have received so much great support from everyone and our goal is to begin offering more content soon. To help support this, we are going to put together subscription packages for premium content for CS:GO and LOL. We will still be running free content for a bit and will be taking some time trying out new article formats and more podcasts to refine these offerings before we make that jump. We hope you all have been doing well with your teams and staying safe and we will now jump into the sixth edition of the CS:GO daily rewind. 

Below, courtesy of our data analytics guru, we have a breakdown of yesterday’s CS slate. We can see who did the best, who did their part, and who was our daily glonk

Today’s perfect lineup would have been …

PlayerSalaryFantasy Points
(CPT) koosta$12000157.5

Listen to our podcast to hear a quick rundown of the April 6th slate with our lead CS:GO writer. 

Glonk Scoreboard

BoombI4 X2





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Podcast: https://www.launchpaddm.com/pd/Game-On-DFS

4.12.20 CSGO: https://gameondailyfantasy.com/2020/04/11/4-12-20-csgo-slate/

4.12.20 LOL: https://gameondailyfantasy.com/2020/04/11/4-12-10-lol-lpl-lck-slate/

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