4.22.20 CSGO CLUTCH Slate

If you’re still around after all the ESL excitement today, there are a couple of awful games from CLUTCH season 2 you can throw money at for some reason. We aren’t sure why DK would include this garbage and draw attention away from the more important games and contests but that’s their prerogative. We will cover this anyways but smart money is focused on ESL today. Good luck and game on.  

Draftkings’ scoring follows the chart shown below, with a focus on K/D and clutch plays. Rosters are set with a Captain position who receives 1.5x his points at 1.5x his salary, but beyond that it is positionless. This is important to understand because CS teams follow a composition of different roles such as IGL (In game leader), entry fragger, support, etc. With Draftkings making no distinction between players, it is left to you to decide which roles are most important within this scoring system and to take advantage of that. For several teams for example, their IGL is not often going to score highly as they may be less skilled at the game but are valuable in ways that Draftkings doesn’t record. With that in mind, we will jump into a quick look at the roles of key players, their key stats, and how their perceived performance should fare in accordance with their salary. 

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+1.5 Pts
Assists+1 Pt
Deaths-1 Pt
Entry Kill (First Kill of the round)+0.5 Pts
1v2 Clutch+1 Pt
1v3 Clutch+2 Pts
1v4 Clutch+3 Pts
1v5 Clutch+5 Pts
Quad Kill+3 Pts
Ace+5 Pts
Rounds Not Played Bonus +0.5 Pts per round not played
Match Sweep Bonus +5 Pts (minimum of 2 maps played)

Our top plays are designed to show the most playable options on each team, factoring in performance and price. The top 2 plays on each team will be in our player pool and the third tier top plays are people we will sprinkle in a bit along with the core group. All of the statistics shown are for the last 3 months to see who has been performing well recently while still keeping a significant sample size. 

ALM(+217) V SOBE(+285) (5:15 PM EST)


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

The current betting odds are -115 in favor of a 1-1 tie…..that tells you everything you need to know about a 2 game slate with a best of 2 format. My mans koe has a .34 impact which is the worst on the planet but that was only a single game sample size since he really hasn’t even played for months. If Alma shows up today, it’ll be thanks to DANVIET or r4ul. You can try a team stack with FATAL as well but avoid the bottom boys.     

Top Plays: No clear first, DANVIET/r4ul, FATAL


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

Look at Soberano’s stats…just look at the table. Are you done? Do you feel embarrassed? Or is it more of a compassionate empathy for a group of schmucks bumbling around, trying to find their way? In either instance, how would you feel about betting money on them? Exactly, same here. VHz is almost always their top frag and worth taking as a one off. You can pair him with some other guys for a contrarian team in a teeny slate, but avoid gust at all costs, he’s been putrid.

Top plays: vhz, no second, abr/tge

DET(+136) V Key(+455) (7:00 PM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

The betting favorite again is -102 in favor of a tie, continuing the sentiment of why bother with this. DETONA is an entire sack of garbage but should win or tie this series fairly easily tbh. Rikz has an impact that could make his own mother sob and the average dfs writer giggle uncontrollably. Vsm should have a good series and hard carry them past a somehow worse Keyd team here and will look to get help from Lucaozy and Tuurtle. Tiburci0 can be right there as well but for $8400….meh. 

Top plays: vsm, Lucaozy/Tuurtle


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

These guys have a 25% win rate and don’t even play top tier competition. The poster child for dumpster fire, they are +455 here to beat another terrible team. Tifa hasn’t been as bad as his counterparts recently. Mawth and piriaz1n can be flyers if you hate yourself today (you’re playing this slate, right?). 

Top plays: No first, tifa, mawth/piriaz1n’

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