Talladega eNascar Pro Invitational 4.26.20

We have another iRacing event, now at Talladega and featuring the return and iRacing debut of Jeff Gordon. We have a familiar group of favorites at the top and the name of the game here is frankly getting lucky and trying to craft lineups with the available salary to best put you in a chance to succeed. This is mostly unpredictable so try to get in a few of the favorites who dominate the iRacing and then try to not screw up the rest because it’s anybody’s guess. Have a great weekend, good luck, and game on.   

First of all, below you can see the Draftkings scoring system that is heavily weighted on predicting top finishers, with no captain’s slot or any distinction between picks. The name of this game will be finding lower priced participants that finish well to help afford the more premium guys that are safer bets to show up around the top of the leaderboard. With a solid amount of points being given as a result of place differential, it’s important to pay attention to where racers will be starting in order to find good opportunities. This will be set right before lock so if you play this seriously, you have to be paying attention (or just play on Fanduel haha). 

Draftkings Scoring

Place Differential+/- 1 Pt
Fastest Laps+0.5 Pts
Laps Led+0.25 Pts
Finishing Position Scoring
1st+46 Pts
2nd+42 Pts
3rd+41 Pts
4th+40 Pts
5th+39 Pts
6th+38 Pts
7th+37 Pts
8th+36 Pts
9th+35 Pts
10th+34 Pts
11th+33 Pts
12th+32 Pts
13th+31 Pts
14th+30 Pts
15th+29 Pts
16th+28 Pts
17th+27 Pts
18th+26 Pts
19th+25 Pts
20th+24 Pts
21st+23 Pts
22nd+22 Pts
23rd+21 Pts
24th+20 Pts
25th+19 Pts
26th+18 Pts
27th+17 Pts
28th+16 Pts
29th+15 Pts
30th+14 Pts
31st+13 Pts
32nd+12 Pts
33rd+11 Pts
34th+10 Pts
35th+9 Pts
36th+8 Pts
37th+7 Pts
38th+6 Pts
39th+5 Pts
40th+4 Pts

The largest difference for Fanduel is the lack of scoring for place differential, with points for completing laps instead. This negates the lack of knowledge of where the racers will be starting until just before the contest and helps reward drivers who finish the race over those who give up or say things you probably shouldn’t on stream. 

Fanduel Scoring

Fastest Laps0.4
Laps Completed0.1
Laps Led0.25
1st place43
2nd place40
3rd place38
4th place37
5th place36
6th place35
7th place34
8th place33
9th place32
10th place31
11th place30
12th place29
13th place28
14th place27
15th place26
16th place25
17th place24
18th place23
19th place22
20th place21
21st place20
22nd place19
23rd place18
24th place17
25th place16
26th place15
27th place14
28th place13
29th place12
30th place11
31st place10
32nd place9
33rd place8
34th place7
35th place6
36th place5
37th place4
38th place3
39th place2
40th place1

First we have some first thoughts on the slate as a whole. Lineup construction seems to be focused on locking in the top performers and then finding value plays that will severely outperform their salary expectations. This race will likely see a bunch of crashes which can make anything happen, luckily cars can be repaired in iRacing and a crash doesn’t completely bury your driver. Another thing to consider is that the field varies in terms of their experience levels with virtual racing as well as the quality of their rig and internet connection. This is all a drawn out way of saying **** happens and this could result in a topsy turvy day of random drivers finding success and the top drivers calling out their internet providers on Twitter. 

Below we have current betting odds for each driver. These odds are as of 10:00 PM EST on 4/24 and we will look for some value plays relative to their FD & DK pricing. 

NameDraftkings SalaryFanduel SalaryBetonline OddsWilliam Hill Odds
William Byron1110016000+3753-1
Dale Earnhardt Jr980011500+80017-2
Denny Hamlin1050011000+80010-1
Timmy Hill1080013500+80015-2
Parker Kligerman92009200+100014-1
Garrett Smithley1010010500+120018-1
John H. Nemechek88009500+120018-1
Kyle Busch94008600+120012-1
Alex Bowman90009000+140022-1
Kevin Harvick66005000+140050-1
Ryan Preece960012500+140014-1
Landon Cassill870010000+160018-1
Christopher Bell83006000+1800N/A
Matt DiBenedetto85007600+180025-1
Tyler Reddick74007400+200040-1
Clint Bowyer82007000+250050-1
Jeff Gordon80003000+250050-1
Michael McDowell77008500+250050-1
Bubba WallaceN/AN/A+2500N/A
Jimmie Johnson58004000+280050-1
Chase Elliott68007800+330040-1
Erik Jones72005500+330040-1
Kurt Busch65006000+330050-1
Austin Dillon54006800+400060-1
Brad Keselowski63006600+400025-1
Daniel Suarez61006000+400075-1
Joey Logano79008300+400040-1
Ricky Stenhouse Jr60003500+400060-1
Ryan Blaney57005500+400060-1
Chris Buescher64008000+500060-1
Ross Chastain70006900+500040-1
Ty Dillon59006000+500060-1
Aric Almirola55003000N/A50-1
Bobby Labonte75007300N/A50-1
Brennan Poole51004000N/A100-1
Chad Finchum48004000N/A125-1
Cole Custer49003000N/A60-1
Corey Lajoie50004000N/A100-1
JJ Yeley47005000N/A150-1
Joey Gase52004000N/A150-1

Top tier: William Byron, Denny Hamlin, and Timmy Hill are the 3 guys always mentioned during these events and for good reason. It’s safe money to say one of these guys will win and they all could place top 5, but Byron is universally expected to perform and his recent showings give nothing to refute that. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is an interesting choice here and betonline is high on him but he has struggled at Talladega recently and Bristol showed a rough performance so be cautious when spending nearly $10k on somebody.  

Mid tier: Kyle Busch, Alex Bowman, and Ryan Preece are three safer picks who have shown consistent performance on the iRacing platform and are guys we can feel comfortable will perform near the top of the pack. These are guys that can come in the 5-15 range to help lineups cash with the upside to do better than that. Busch came in 5th in his last race and top 18 in the last 3 for $9400. Alex Bowman has 3 top 15 finishes (2 top 10) during these online events and has prior success at Talladega as well. Ryan Preece is a bit pricier at $9600 but he has been stellar during these online races and has 36.5 fantasy points or more in 3 of 4 appearances. 

High risk / high return: Brad Kezlowski is underpriced for the high upside he possesses and he seems to be getting the hang of iRacing after placing 10th on the 19th. At $6300, he’s an interesting flyer. Matt DiBenedetto is a guy that William Hill’s odds are liking and he has finished in the top 15 3 out of 4 races for only $8500. He is nearly on the same level as the mid tier guys but can be had for a discount if you are in need of salary relief. 

Play around with these guys to see what you can put together or play some of the drivers you just like and enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Anybody can win and anybody can get tilted and rage-quit. Have a safe and fun weekend and game on.

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