4.28.20 LOL LCK/CK Slate

LCK finals might have been wrapped up, but we aren’t quite yet done with Korea. Two of the LCK’s worst teams are going to go head to head against two of the CK’s best teams in the LCK Summer Promotion, and the top two teams will earn their spot in the LCK Summer Split.  CK stands for Challengers Korea, and consists of the next best eight teams in Korea, so it’s basically the next best thing. Just remember this as you look at the team stats, since obviously the CK teams have been fighting far weaker teams. Technically, these matchups should feature teams close to each other in skill, although that doesn’t always work out. We’ll have to look at the matchups in order to see if that will hold true for this slate.


StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+3 Pts
Assists+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Creep Score+0.02 Pts
10+ K/A Bonus+2 Pts (10 Kills or 10 Assists in a single game)


StatisticFantasy Points*Teams drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Turrets+1 Pt
Dragons+2 Pts
Barons+3 Pts
First Blood+2 Pts
Win+2 Pts
Win in Under 30 Minutes Bonus+2 Pts

SB(N/A) V DYN(N/A)  (4 AM EST)

Avg. Game Length33:3732:15

Examining the match history has its advantages, but it won’t tell us the full story in this particular slate. Obviously DYN have done well in their most recent games, while SB have fallen apart, seeing as DYN are one of the best teams in the CK. The player matchups will hopefully tell us a bit more about their playstyles, so we can see how each team will approach the coming games. One interesting trend would be the performances of DYN’s players during losing games, where their scores weren’t abysmal (at least they didn’t rack up deaths. They weren’t exactly the greatest fantasy picks when losing either.) 


Rich immediately stands out due to having 16 games on Aatrox. He has a pretty solid winrate on that champion, and has had some great scores as well, although his KDA overall could be better. All SB has to do is ban Aatrox and that’s one threat eliminated. Beyond seems to be a big fan of Trundle and Jarvan, so they definitely favor some tankier junglers. Trundle does pose a bit of a threat on his own, and he’s not a full on tank, but it’s not like picking Elise or Lee Sin. Kuzan and Feiz all play fairly standaard champions for the meta, with a few odd picks here and there, and have had a good deal of success. However, looking at some of the strategies and plays throughout the CK 2020 Split, they seem a bit slow in making things happen on the map. At least, their opponents are slower to react than SB will, so that could mean bad things for them. SB’s roster have had their issues this split, but they still have some solid players who will understand they are going into a matchup where they are looking pretty good. One reason to hesitate, however, would be their mid and adc. FATE and Leo both played SB’s last series, so it’s not entirely clear who will be starting for SB’s crucial damaging roles. This makes their picks potentially sketchy, as Korea doesn’t announce their lineups beforehand like the LPL. We’ll include their usual roster for top picks, but be careful.   

SB Top Picks: Summit, OnFleek, Dove, Route DYN Top Picks: Beyond, Kuzan, Feiz    


Avg. Game Length34:0333:06

Griffin have had some management issues throughout the split, which we won’t get into here, and their team’s performance has suffered quite a bit as a result. Meanwhile, SRB ended the split 1st place, so they didn’t even participate in the finals tournament; they automatically qualified for the Summer Promotion. If Griffin has fixed some of their issues, then perhaps they can make a comeback and return in the summer.  Still, going against the top CK team might prove to be more of a challenge than they are ready for. Griffin aren’t exactly useless (come on, there’s nothing quite like our favorite team over in the LPL!) but SRB has a unique opportunity to prove their worth here. They don’t have to come out as the best team in this promotion series; surpassing Griffin and DYN would be enough. 


The players on SRB have had a small break, seeing as they didn’t play in the playoffs. Once again, we see a large number of games of Aatrox on a CK top laner, showcasing his popularity. However, Thal’s champion pool is a bit larger than Rich’s, so it doesn’t appear to be the same story. In fact, Thal has had some pretty decent games as a top laner and could prove to be a threat on his own. As for the others, kills seem to go back and forth between DanChung and Sangyoon, with KaKAO taking a more aggressive approach in games. This matchup between KaKAO and Tarzan could go either way, so there is a lot of potential for either jungler. DanChung has had quite a few assists on his plate, which isn’t always what you want to see in a mid laner, but Sangyoon has done well for himself. Bot would appear to be another matchup to keep an eye on, as Viper is no joke either. Given this, SRB’s chances don’t look too bad, and they will likely go into this ready to surprise the world. 
GRF Top Picks: Tarzan, Ucal, Viper SRB Top Picks: Thal, KaKAO, Sangyoon, Nova

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