05.02.20 CSGO ESL Slate

This will be the last edition of this article we offer to non members. There will be a free option however for basic content like this. Our premium offerings will give more insight into who we are all playing and why, as well as access to our discord server to ask any questions you want directly to the team. We are excited to finally be able to support all our work in this way and we keep seeing the success you’ve been having on social media and we are so proud of that. This slate is the usual as we’ve come to know it but with far fewer mega favorites which should help spread ownership numbers around. Have some fun today, relax into the weekend, and game on. 

Draftkings’ scoring follows the chart shown below, with a focus on K/D and clutch plays. Rosters are set with a Captain position who receives 1.5x his points at 1.5x his salary, but beyond that it is positionless. This is important to understand because CS teams follow a composition of different roles such as IGL (In game leader), entry fragger, support, etc. With Draftkings making no distinction between players, it is left to you to decide which roles are most important within this scoring system and to take advantage of that. For several teams for example, their IGL is not often going to score highly as they may be less skilled at the game but are valuable in ways that Draftkings doesn’t record. With that in mind, we will jump into a quick look at the roles of key players, their key stats, and how their perceived performance should fare in accordance with their salary. 

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+1.5 Pts
Assists+1 Pt
Deaths-1 Pt
Entry Kill (First Kill of the round)+0.5 Pts
1v2 Clutch+1 Pt
1v3 Clutch+2 Pts
1v4 Clutch+3 Pts
1v5 Clutch+5 Pts
Quad Kill+3 Pts
Ace+5 Pts
Rounds Not Played Bonus +0.5 Pts per round not played
Match Sweep Bonus +5 Pts (minimum of 2 maps played)

Fanduel Scoring

MVP – 1.5X Points (1)Player (4)Team (1)
Kills 3Kills 2Rounds Won 1
Deaths -1.5Deaths -1Rounds Lost -.5
Assists 1.5Assists 1Match Won 10
Headshots .3Headshots .2Team Sweep 10
Sweep Bonus 22.5Sweep Bonus 15

Fanduel has 6 slots for a captain, 4 standard players, and a team. The captain position does not affect a player’s salary like it does on Draftkings. This is particularly advantageous for when you have an inkling that a superstar will put up a large performance but you don’t want to limit your options elsewhere. The team slot will be a lot of fun for those situations where you like a team to win but don’t like the fantasy prospects of any particular players so you can still get some exposure. We figure most users will try to pick the cheapest winning team because a lot of the stats you get points for are hard to predict, but a winning team should definitely fare better.

Our top plays are designed to show the most playable options on each team, factoring in performance and price. The top 2 plays on each team will be in our player pool and the third tier top plays are people we will sprinkle in a bit along with the core group. All of the statistics shown are for the last 3 months to see who has been performing well recently while still keeping a significant sample size. 

forZe(+116) V Spirit(-152) (9:00 AM EST)


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

ForZe kicks off one of the more balanced early slates we’ve seen in a while in a matchup versus Spirit. We like Spirit to continue their domination of forZe here (2-0 in 2 recent series) and that limits the potential of these guys. Xsepower is your best bet to perform but is unlikely to do so in a way that justifies his price here. The same can be said for FL1T to some extent but we are not looking for these guys much, too expensive. 

Top Plays: No first, xsepower, FL1T


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

Spirit has played this team well and can potentially provide some great scores at great prices. IDISBALANCE has poured it on against this forZe squad and at 5,600, he’s a top value option for the early slate. Chopper has also been great and pairing the two averages out to a decent price with high upside. We don’t hate the idea of doing a 3 stack here but each of the other options on the team are risky so be careful there. 

Top plays: iDISBALANCE, chopper

Nemiga(+125) V Winstrike(-164) (9:00 AM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

Nemiga comes into this series as a slight underdog and we are thinking this goes 3 games in either direction, but with a slight nod towards Winstrike. Both teams are on fire recently and playing well and this should be a good game to target for fantasy purposes. Lollipop21k is a star in the making for this team and under 9,000 which is unusual when we look around at the other top options. We love him to continue his reign of terror here and speed4k is the Luigi to his Mario here. Mds is a guy to keep an eye on for a value play as he’s been going positive consistently and being an all-around solid player and the 4,200 price tag does not respect that. 

Top plays: lollipop21k, speed4k, mds


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

Winstrike has a solid team that’s been clicking recently and they will need to keep that momentum hot to take this series. This team has a terrific trio in their top guys and bondik has been fragging out for only 8,400. El1an has been good too but we like the almost 1k discount bondik offers. Hobbit is where you should look for a third option, but that makes an expensive 3 stack. 

Top plays: bondik, El1an, Hobbit

Gambit Youngsters(-588) V Unique(+376) (9:00 AM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

This is the only early game that does not appear to be close, as Gambit should be able to roll here with ease. They are the favorite, a higher ranked team, have an advantage on nearly every map, and have better recent form. There is a good chance sh1ro is the top scorer of the day and his price makes that clear for us. The only concern there would be if this is a quick sweep and he simply runs out of rounds to put up numbers. Nafany, supra, and Ax1LE cxan all be targeted as one offs for some cheaper exposure to a great matchup but we’ll give the nod to Ax1LE as the favorite. 

Top plays: sh1ro, Ax1LE, nafany/supra


PlayerDK SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

5 other teams to target on this slate, not much of a reason to look here in such a poor position. 

Top plays: Fading

fnatic(-222) V Vitality(+166) (12:30 PM EST)


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

#1 fnatic get to face up against #1 ZywOo in a series that favors them greatly in every metric. Brollan, flusha, and JW have been on a great streak recently while KRIMZ has been largely disappointing so far on the road to Rio. This is a plus matchup for these guys as most of Vitality’s players are below average. Flusha is a consistent option and a safer play here, but Brollan has the greatest upside. 

Top Plays: flusha, Brollan, JW/KRIMZ


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact
Team Vitality6,300

It’s hard to like anybody against the #1 team but they have lost maps and series to lesser teams than Vitality recently so it’s not out of the question. ZywOo is too expensive to consider in this situation on FD but 9k on DK is feasible, but not thrilling. 

Top plays: No first, ZywOo

NiP(-189) V compLexity(+143) (12:30 PM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact
Ninjas In Pyjamas6,400

NiP are small betting favorites here but we are more confident in them than that. They just played Astralis very well despite dropping the series and Plopski and nawwk looked great. We really like both players and they could be an interesting combo pick if they win this series 2-1. They are underpriced for their upside, but are not the most consistent players so keep that risk in mind.

Top plays: No first, nawwk/Plopski


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

CompLexity has been getting railed recently, besides a victory over ENCE which means very little. K0nfig, poizon, and blameF dictate their fate and they haven’t been getting much help. Poizon has been their top option recently and is worth a flyer. So are the other top 2 but it’s hard to put much faith in their ability as of late, especially with so many other teams to target. 

Top plays: No first, poizon, k0nfig/blameF

Astralis(-625) V Heretics(+393) (12:30 PM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

Astralis is the big favorite for this slate, but we could see Heretics taking a map which boosts the profile of this series for DFS purposes. Xyp9x has been hot for them, along with magisk and device is always gonna do device things. This is an expensive group of guys to target who could sweep and often share stats pretty evenly so it may not be the best idea to stack here, but there are certainly safer plays here for cash and such. 

Top plays: Xyp9x, magisk/device, dupreeh


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

Nivera seems to be the guy who can muster a solid performance from the ashes of defeat, but is that what you are looking to target for DFS? This team is one to avoid on the wrong side of a top 3 team. Lucky is really cheap and can be okay if you are desperate. 

Top plays: No first, no second, Nivera/Lucky

Gen.G(+157) V Evil Geniuses(-208) (4:00 PM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact
Gen.G 6,100

Daps continue to be derailed by terrible ping during these online games and this team has otherwise done well so far on the road to Rio. BnTeT, koosta, and autimatic have to carry the load here. All three are cheap for the talent they possess and the matchup that is closer than the odds make it seem. If they win this series, a team stack can be a cheap move that pays big dividends. If you’re only looking for shares of one guy here, BnTeT is our favorite over autimatic.

Top plays: BnTeT, autimatic, koosta


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact
Evil Geniuses6,500

EG’s dynamic duo needs to perform here as another loss can be devastating for their dreams of Rio. CeRq is rudely underpriced on both sites and should have a solid game. Brehze is about right across the board and Ethan has been playing well recently but his price is creeping up along with his performance. 

Top plays: CeRq, Brehze, Ethan

Cloud9(+166) V 100 Thieves(-222) (4:00 PM EST) 


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact

This series is a genuine toss-up and the one we feel the least confident in predicting. Both teams are priced fairly and a tooth and nail 3 map series could be great. Floppy and oSee are steals on DK but too much on FD. Motm is a value play we whip out occasionally as well, but he’s risky in an even matchup. 

Top plays: floppy (DK) / oSee (DK)


PlayerDK SalaryFD SalaryRating 2.0Kills/RoundKASTImpact
100 Thieves6,600

Gratisfaction and jks have been great and we’ll be happy to pair them, but jks’s price is a head turner for his upside. Liazz has been solid recently as well and could be a great value option to try to sneak in some big boys today. 

Top plays: jks, Gratisfaction, Liazz

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