*Premium* 05.03.20 Draftkings EU Masters Strategy Breakdown

The strategy here for the EU Masters is different than for other LOL contests as these games are best of ones. This means that there is no sweep bonus for the winning team, and all that matters is the total kills, regardless of who wins. The first thing we want to look at for fantasy purposes is each team’s total kills and deaths. This will give us an idea of how much the teams will fight, and thus how many fantasy points our players will get. For this slate specifically, one of the matches has a much higher expected kill total, making it the game to target for DFS. Let’s dive deeper into this slate and build some winning lineups.

LDLC vs VGIA is the game to target here, as the teams have a combined K/D total of 63.3 per game, compared to the combined total of 50.6 in the other matchup. In their previous 2 matchups, the combined kills were 42 and 44, while the previous matchups between MRS and S04E had kill totals of 26 and 18. This means that getting exposure to both teams in the first series could pay off more than simply trying to stack both winning teams. Now that we know how to build our lineups, we need to know who to build around.

To find our players to target, we should look at Kill Participation (KP%) to see how much each player is involved in their team’s kills. Starting with VGIA, every player here has +70% KP, except for Th3Antonio, although he played very well in both previous matchups against LDLC. For LDLC, their jungler and ADC have been the top performers, while the other 3 lag behind a bit. Vatheo has a fairly low KP% and KDA compared to other mid laners on this slate, so he should be reserved to team stacks only. In the other matchup, MRS looks towards their jungler, ADC, and support, while their top and mid are not the focus for kills. Surprisingly though, Beansu was the top scorer when they beat S04E earlier, and that could happen here if they let him get Ornn again. On the other hand, S04E has a more traditional focus on their carries with their mid and ADC leading the way in every category, while Lurox played well from the jungle in the last matchup of these teams. When stacking a team, you will usually want to get the carries (JNG/MID/ADC) from that team paired with either their top or support, while punting the other position from another team. The Captain spot is tricky because of the salary increase, but it is best to try to get a carry from your team stack there, as they should be a top scorer on the slate.

We’ve got more premium content on the way so be sure to stay tuned. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you as you get your Game On!

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