05.05.20 LOL EU Masters Strategy Breakdown *Premium*

Introduction Now that we’re in the playoffs, the series will be determined through a best of 3, so bonuses for games not played are in effect. Given this, determining who will win is important to your team’s success. With that being said, the kills and deaths are the most important stats to consider. There are a number of different reasons to explain what allows for a team to get a high number of kills, which we will examine in future premium content as we begin to approach the Summer Split, but for now look for the teams and players who consistently grab kills. Roles like Top, Jungle, and Support are slightly different at times; Top and Jungle have potential to grow their kill counts, but a large number of assists and few kills are also common, while Supports rarely see beyond 4 kills in a game. Due to this, carefully examining the matchup and the history/skill of the players in these roles is crucial to your lineup success.  

Team Breakdown For this particular slate, there is one team who stands out as a strong choice for victory: mouz. This would be a good team to try and stack, but aside from the Jungle, they harbor the most expensive costs in the slate. This makes sense as LDLC versus BTXL has more potential to be a close matchup, seeing as both teams had a comeback during the second half of the split, while mouz has been winning more consistently. Stacking mouz might prove to be a bit more difficult, although it helps that the other game is a bit up in the air, meaning grabbing the cheaper BTXL players can pay big dividends if they pull out a win. That being said, BTXL has the lowest K+D/Game out of the 4 teams, while mouz and LDLC are closer to breaking 30.

Player Breakdown The KP% on mouz is pretty consistent overall, with the exception of Tolkin. His scores haven’t been awful throughout the split, but there are better, cheaper options in the other series for your top laner. The rest of the team would be great points of focus, and Obsess isn’t even the most expensive jungler in the slate thanks to TynX’s performances against VGIA and RGO. That being said, RGO is a strong team in their own right, so they might give mouz some trouble, so don’t expect a complete stomp. The LDLC and BTXL matchup is a bit more complicated, but what stands out for LDLC the most is their adc, Hades. His KDA is insane, mostly because he barely ever dies, although his kills aren’t always too high. In the tiebreaker against VGIA, for example, he barely broke 20 points. BTXL’s stats are more reliable, but LDLC were playing against stronger teams during the group stage. This makes the series more difficult to predict, but if BTXL are ready for what LDLC have to offer, then their more consistent stats might carry over. Special has a low KP% on mid lane at 55.3% and Vetheo has had a poor record in mid lane, so you might want to save mid lane for the other series. Jungle and Support are two good areas of focus in this matchup, especially with KaSing’s record as Support this split, so those are good starting points when choosing your players for this series. You may want to play the team spot from this game with the team you stack, as it will save some salary and team spots generally score around the same assuming both series go the full 3 games.

We’ve got more premium content on the way so be sure to stay tuned. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you as you get your Game On!

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