05.10.20 COD Slate

After 2 days of surprising results, we are left with just 4 teams remaining; the 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 11th overall seeds. 3 of these teams came into this weekend tied for the fewest wins in the league, so it’s a huge surprise that they all made it this far. Florida, who many people predicted would win this tournament, became the first team this season to be eliminated without winning a single map. This weekend has been the epitome of online Call of Duty and I can’t wait until these events can go back to LAN. Anyways, we have to deal with what we have, and what we have is a small 2 game slate today. I would advise taking today off due to the small slate and just enjoy watching the matches.

The scoring here is pretty simple, as Draftkings and FanDuel are both using the exact same point system (shown below). This scoring is similar to CS:GO in that you need high kill counts to score well. The interesting thing to note is that there is no adjustment of any kind, including sweep bonuses. This means that good players get penalized for sweeping since they miss out on big points from extra games. For Call of Duty, there are 5 game series with the following game modes: Hardpoint – S&D – Domination – Hardpoint – S&D. For DFS purposes, Hardpoint will be the highest scoring gamemode, followed by Domination, with S&D significantly behind for the most part. This means that in a 3-0 sweep, players will be missing out on additional points from a 2nd Hardpoint, which will really hurt their scores. We will need to try to get players that will play a minimum of 4 games, preferably all 5, to ensure the most points possible. This means that game stacking could pay off big time if one series goes longer than the rest.

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Bomb Plants/Defuses (S&D)+3 Pts
Capture Time (Hardpoint)+0.1 Pts per 1 second
Captures (Domination)+1 Pt
StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Wins (Match)+10 Pts
Wins (Games)+4 Pts
Wins (Rounds S&D)+0.5 Pts

Included next to each player are their Kill/Death ratio for the season, along with their average Hardpoint capture time and Domination captures per game. S&D plants/defuses were not included as these are mostly situational and only a handful of players average a significant number. Team spots were not included as the maximum a winning team can get is 28, and the minimum a winning team can get is 22. For some reason there is no penalty for losing games, so a team will benefit from going to a full 5 games so they have a chance to win more S&D rounds. The strategy here is to just get the cheapest winning team to make the rest of your lineup fit, and it may even be possible to do well with a losing team if your players score high enough.


The matchup no one predicted starts our day off, as both of these teams were expected to be eliminated during the group stage due to each team’s 2-7 record this season. Regardless, Toronto easily defeated both New York and Minnesota who were some of the stronger teams here, and they will need to keep the momentum going into this series. Everyone knew that OGLA needed to bench JKap, but no one expected them to look this good this quickly. Granted, they haven’t played the same level of competition as Toronto, but sweeping Paris and London is no small feat. Assuming these teams’ performances thus far haven’t been a fluke, this should be a close, exciting series. 


What a tournament so far from Methodz; he leads everyone in overall K/D with a staggering 1.42, as well as average hill time at 89.3 seconds per hardpoint. He is the top player on this team and will need to continue putting up these numbers if they want to make it to the finals. Classic has been right up there too in both series so far, with Cammy next up, although a little ways away. Look for those 3 to continue playing well in a must-win series. Bance and MeTTalZ have been inconsistent, but do have high ceilings, so don’t be afraid to include one of them in a team stack if you need salary relief. 


Dashy and Slasher are the leaders of this roster, and they will be the guys to look toward here again. Despite playing better yesterday, Chino is still not a relevant player for DFS and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Kuavo finally had a big performance yesterday while TJHaly did much better in the other 2 series, so there is merit to playing both, but TJHaly comes at a discount which may be needed today. Finally the pricing makes sense and we can’t just make any lineup we want, which means that the OGLA team spot could help since this should be a close series that they could potentially take down at a cheap price. Use them sparingly though as this series could go either way.

ATL vs NY   (5:30PM EST)

After seeing their performance last tournament and during recent scrims, a lot of people had New York making a run here. Unfortunately, this was supposed to be their opponent in the finals, but they will have to beat Atlanta to even make it there. These teams faced off at CDL Chicago which resulted in a close 3-2 win for Atlanta where they got crushed in both hardpoints, but won the other 3 games fairly easily. Although they have swept 2 straight opponents, New York hasn’t looked as good as their results would make you think, so I’m not sure if they will be able to replicate their performance in the last series. In saying that, Mack seems to be on another level online and this could make for another close series between these 2 teams.

ATL (13-2)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

The easy part of this team is always Cellium and Simp, but the tough part is trying to figure out who to pick between aBeZy and Priestahh. While aBeZy was the team’s top performer in their first series, Priestahh took that title for the 2nd, so there is merit to playing either of them. I would recommend taking Priestahh due to the (slight) discount and his safer objective stats, but this may be a situation where you should simply duplicate your lineup with each of them in 1. MajorManiak still plays too slow to be a reliable source of fantasy points.

NY (4-9)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

The community favorite faces their toughest test of the tournament, but these guys are up for any challenge online. Mack’s claim that he is unkillable online is coming to fruition as he has been running through people all weekend and should be able to do the same here. Temp and Attach have been a solid supporting cast and they will need to continue this to contend with a stacked Faze roster, with Temp coming in at a discount with similar upside. The other 2 guys are not nearly consistent enough to rely on, but could make for part of a team stack if you really need the salary. In that case, I would give a slight edge to Zoomaa due to his higher average kill counts despite the lower K/D.

There is no premium article today since this is such a small slate, but feel free to ask questions in the Discord. If you aren’t a premium member, sign up today!

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