05.14.20 KBO Slate

We have 2 arms we really like today and a solid GPP option as well. A handful of the top offenses in the league have great looking matchups and we all know by now to try to fit as many Bears into our lineups as possible, today is no different. We are feeling springy and opening up this article for the day for people to look at, but you’ll need at least a free account to view our top plays. We are going to look at the pitching on this slate as a whole and try to boil them down into top plays. After that, we’ll point out which teams we are looking to stack hitters from. Before all of that, let’s take a quick look at how the KBO operates, relative to the MLB. 

Key points about the KBO:

  • The league switched to baseballs designed to not travel as far, limiting home run numbers
  • It is still a hitters league, but focused on small ball with every team employing a DH
  • Bullpens are a mess, which is why we see Fanduel only caring about starters
  • Starting pitchers are already announced, but lineups won’t come out till later so be careful in case of surprises

DK roster construction:

DK Scoring

Inning Pitched +2.25Single +3
Strikeout +2Double +5
Win +4Triple +8
Earned Run Allowed +2Home Run +10
Hit Against -.6RBI +2
Walk -.6Run +2
Hit Batsman -.6Walk +2
Complete Game +2.5Stolen Base +5
Complete Game Shutout +2.5Hit by Pitch +2
No Hitter +5

FD roster construction:

FD Scoring

Innings Pitched +3Single +3
Outs +1Double +6
Strikeouts +3Triple +9
Earned Runs -3Homerun +12
Quality Start +4Walk +3
Win +6RBI +3.5
Run +3.2
Stolen Base +6
Hit By Pitch +3

Starting Pitching:

PositionTeamNameTeam OddsDK SalaryFD Salary
SPNCDChang Mo Koo-191$9,200$28
SPDOOChris Flexin-169$8,800$24
SPSKJong Hoon Park+157$8,400$22
SPKIWSeung Ho Lee-185$8,100$26
SPSAMChae Heung Choi+150$7,900$22
SPHANMin jae Jang+101$7,500$23
SPLGTyler Wilson-196$7,200$20
SPKTWJe Seong Bae-123$6,800$21
SPKIADrew Gagnon-123$6,500$22
SPLOTSe Wong Park+138$6,200$22

It is important to decide how you want to approach your pitching before looking for a starter or starters on DK. In the MLB, we often like to go for the top arms and find the value bats, but this slate is likely forcing us to think in reverse. This is a hitting first league and we are going to prioritize spending up for hitters.

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Winning GPPs for baseball is all about stacking the right teams and filling in the blanks with great one-off options. A GPP winning lineup can often have a 4 stack or a 3×3 from 2 teams.With these starters not fully stretched out and bullpens being notoriously weak, we should see some fun scores from a few teams on this slate. We have highlighted our 3 favorite teams to stack below and a few of the top options. We tried to include a value player when we could. Each player will have their DK position noted, since FD is much less specific. We are not looking at salaries specifically with most of these batters, just the guys that have the best odds to perform. 


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This league is new to most of us so be careful playing this slate. If you are looking to play different guys from these teams, pay attention to lineups being announced closer to lock and targeting guys at the top of the order and with a L/R matchup benefit if possible. We won’t know some of these other potential value plays until rosters come out and we will try to mention any new names in the discord. 

Have some fun again here if you end up getting early to get your baseball fix, or just stay up all night because you have issues like some of us here… If you want to look around beyond these stacks, target the cheaper guys and look for L/R matchup benefits and guys at the top of the order. Good luck and game on. 

Thank you for reading! For more tips and advice you can reach us through the discord server. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date on all future posts. @GameOnDFS

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