05.15.20 CSGO DK Main Slate Analysis *Premium*

Yesterday was a crazy day of CS and this slate should be no different. We see two unstoppable forces in Astralis and FaZe matchup and we have a battle of the frenchmen in ZywOo V kennyS as well. There are a lot of top tier players here and value is looking tough. We are offering bounties to any members that recruit new premium members and if you want an affiliate link then please ask and we’ll set you up. We are looking to add help for soccer and other sports but can only do so thanks to community support!

Spirit(-192) V Virtus.pro(+146) (7:00 AM EST)

Vitality(-139) V G2(+107) (10:30 AM EST) 

Astralis(-233) V FaZe(+173) (2:00 PM EST)

TeamPlayerDK SalaryRecent RatingKills / RoundKASTImpact

First thoughts:

This looks like a very tough slate for value options. There is a lot of hot garbage at the bottom of the board for salaries and there isn’t much to be thrilled about. We are going to have to reach on a few players and pray to the CS gods that none of them completely blow it. There will likely be a handful of high scorers and this slate looks like it will be won by the guys who nail their value options. 

Core guys:

There are a lot of great players today, so I will try to prioritize them. Mir is one of my favorite options as he has been consistently leading his team, he is less than the other carries on the slate, I think his series will go 3 maps, and I believe his ownership will be lower than his peers. I like the idea of pairing him with chopper if you play him as well. ZywOo and kennyS are the 2 best French CS players of all time and it’s publicly known how much they respect each other and I feel this is an interesting narrative situation for them to both try to perform in front of the other. They both carry risk but I’m buying into this narrative and if you’ve ever competed in anything against friends or enemies, you understand how to take it to the next level when you are desperate to show off. This then leads to device and NiKo. I like device more as I think they are going to win this series and the bottom half of FaZe has bot olof to pick on. This should be a day for stars to shine and trying to fit a couple of them is going to be tough but likely necessary. 

Value options:

We have a few players in mind here but this is definitely the tough part of the day. We are going to look at players that are 6k or less here and the first name is rain. He has broken out of his funk recently and has played Astralis well in the past. He’s always had the talent but has had struggles recently that have dropped his price down to 6k and this might be a place where he can outperform that salary. AmaNeK is the only other guy we really feel some amount of desire to play under 6k. He’s been really solid recently and the bottom portion of Vitality’s roster should offer some opportunities for him. He’s not a star, but he’s been playing better than his salary suggests for sure. 

How to approach this slate:

I’m intrigued by not going for traditional stacks in this slate but rather looking for the top performers on each team for maybe a 2-1-1-1-1 or similar set-up. With great teams facing each other, less talented players tend to have difficulty and we are cognizant of that. If a team surprises us and dominates here then this will not work out well but if all 3 series are close, a broad approach to this slate seems like the way to go

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