05.24.20 COD Slate

We are down to the final 4 teams and, despite some surprising results yesterday, these 4 were the expected semi-finalists entering this weekend. On a small 2 game slate like this, I would recommend only playing a little bit (if at all) as there is such little room for error, and it’s usually best to just sit back and watch. I will not be making a premium article due to the size of this slate, but I will include my top picks at the bottom of this article for Premium members, and I will be answering any questions in the Discord.

The scoring here is pretty simple, as Draftkings and FanDuel are both using the exact same point system (shown below). This scoring is similar to CS:GO in that you need high kill counts to score well. The interesting thing to note is that there is no adjustment of any kind, including sweep bonuses. This means that good players get penalized for sweeping since they miss out on big points from extra games. For Call of Duty, there are 5 game series with the following game modes: Hardpoint – S&D – Domination – Hardpoint – S&D. For DFS purposes, Hardpoint will be the highest scoring gamemode, followed by Domination, with S&D significantly behind for the most part. This means that in a 3-0 sweep, players will be missing out on additional points from a 2nd Hardpoint, which will really hurt their scores. We will need to try to get players that will play a minimum of 4 games, preferably all 5, to ensure the most points possible. This means that game stacking could pay off big time if one series goes longer than the rest.

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Bomb Plants/Defuses (S&D)+3 Pts
Capture Time (Hardpoint)+0.1 Pts per 1 second
Captures (Domination)+1 Pt
StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Wins (Match)+10 Pts
Wins (Games)+4 Pts
Wins (Rounds S&D)+0.5 Pts

Included next to each player are their Kill/Death ratio for the season, along with their average Hardpoint capture time and Domination captures per game. S&D plants/defuses were not included as these are mostly situational and only a handful of players average a significant number. Team spots were not included as the maximum a winning team can get is 28, and the minimum a winning team can get is 22. For some reason there is no penalty for losing games, so a team will benefit from going to a full 5 games so they have a chance to win more S&D rounds. The strategy here is to just get the cheapest winning team to make the rest of your lineup fit, and it may even be possible to do well with a losing team if your players score high enough.


After losing a close 3-2 series against Minnesota on Friday, OGLA got revenge in a 3-0 sweep to make it to the semi-finals, while London upset New York with a shocking 3-0 sweep of their own. Neither of these teams have looked significantly better this weekend, so this could be a close series. In saying that, Dashy’s first positive series of the weekend resulted in a sweep of a superior Minnesota team, so if he can put together another good series here, this could be over quickly. Dylan finally looked like the Dylan of old yesterday, so if he can keep that up and Wuskin can improve on his 0.73 K/D against NY, we’ll be looking at a great series.


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Dashy has gone from one of the most expensive players to the middle of the pack after his worst performances of the season, but he played much better against Minnesota in a series after the DFS slate was over. He will need to do so again here as he is an important part of this team, and Slasher can’t do it all himself despite leading the whole tournament with a 1.35 K/D. As always, Kuavo and TJHaly have traded off good performances, so it’s basically a toss up there which could just be a salary-based decision.


Much like Dashy, a terrible series from Wuskin sees his price drop significantly, despite still being a leader of this team. Dylan led this team in kills as expected, and he has looked the best he has all season, so look for him to continue racking up stats to try to make it to the Finals. Skrapz has been solid as always, but his Fanduel price is pretty scary, although he is definitely in play on Draftkings where salary means almost nothing today. Zer0 is priced up as he has been great this weekend, but I’m not too sure if that is sustainable for him, as he came into this tournament with a 0.88 K/D for the year.

NY V CHI   (5:30PM EST)

This will be the 3rd meeting of these teams this season, with each team taking 1 series. NY won in 5 while CHI won in 4, so it is likely we see an extended series here. It is important to note that Chicago does have Prestinni instead of Gunless now, but they have looked pretty good so far this weekend, while New York has seemed a little shaky. There is a good chance that the winner of this series wins the whole tournament, so both teams will need to be firing on all cylinders if they want to advance here.

CHI (14-4)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Coming into yesterday, I was not too high on Chicago and I, along with many others, expected them to lose a close series to Minnesota. Instead, they came out hot and swept Minnesota and are looking better than expected so far with such a new roster. Formal has been great this weekend and he and Envoy are still the duo to target here. Scump had a down series after a great Friday, but he is priced accordingly and could make for good salary relief. While Arcitys hasn’t been fantastic so far, he is still a great player and should be able to bounce back here. Prestinni played great yesterday, but it’s hard to trust an entry player that plays more for team success with no regard for stats.

NY (6-11)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

After a shocking 0-3 loss to London, New York clutched up against an abysmal LAG squad to earn a spot in the semi-finals. Maybe the honeymoon period with Mack is over and they are back to their old selves, or maybe they just had an off day, but this team doesn not look nearly as good as they did last time they faced Chicago. Regardless, these are still good players and they put up great stats against LAG (besides Accuracy), so they should have some confidence entering today’s tough matchup. Mack continues to lead this team every series, while the rest of this lineup is as inconsistent as they come. ZooMaa has had a solid tournament so far, and he put up 101 kills in 4 games against LAG, so he’s a great play for DFS. After those 2, Temp and Attach are always capable of good numbers, but neither is too reliable. They should be saved for team stacks. Accuracy is coming off a poor series against LAG, and I’m not sure how he’ll be able to deal with his AR matchup against Formal here.

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