5.27.20 Draftkings PCS/VCS Slate

We’re finally back with more LoL content, and Riot’s COVID-19 stream doesn’t even start until Friday! We’re writing about the PCS and VCS slate beginning at 4am: matchups that were overshadowed by the LPL/LCK matches and everything else in store for us this weekend. Still, there is potential in this best of 1 slate, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. As usual, stats below are taken from the regular season, and we’ll include playoffs analysis as it’s relevant. 


StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+3 Pts
Assists+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Creep Score+0.02 Pts
10+ K/A Bonus+2 Pts (10 Kills or 10 Assists in a single game)


StatisticFantasy Points*Teams drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Turrets+1 Pt
Dragons+2 Pts
Barons+3 Pts
First Blood+2 Pts
Win+2 Pts
Win in Under 30 Minutes Bonus+2 Pts

FL(-) V TLN(+)  (4 AM EST)

Avg. Game Length30:3232:47

Both of these teams managed to overcome the 1st place teams from the regular season and take the Grand Finals, so we might see a bit of a closer matchup here. Both teams were successful during the split and fought hard to secure their playoffs win. What makes TLN especially attractive, despite the large difference in K+D/Game, is their region. PCS has seen some higher quality games (although not substantially so, like the gap between LCS and LPL) so immediately jumping on the VCS bandwagon could backfire. They also run more aggressive team compositions, which might catch FL off guard in a best of 1 scenario. That being said, FL have pulled out some impressive games and are likely going to put everything they have into this initial match. 


After watching Stark go against MCX, we’re not too thrilled about him. After a not so impactful game on Aatrox in Game 1, he was pushed onto Ornn for the remainder of the series, which is worrying against a player like Hanabi. It’s always possible to see something new out of him, but don’t expect it. Hanabi is generally a good choice as he is often seen playing aggressive top laners and can have a big impact if not abandoned. The best part about that: the rest of his team works well with him and have a consistent record. This seems like a great team to stack, and it may very well turn out that way, but you also don’t want to underestimate the power of Kati and Slayder. Kati hasn’t been the most consistent mid laner, but if FL gets a decent mid champion that counters TLN’s aggression, things might go very well. As for Slayder, he has been one of FL’s most consistent players, so we can expect some good things from him if FL come out swinging. 

FL Top Picks:

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TLN Top Picks:
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GAM(-) V MCX(+)  (4:50 AM EST)

Avg. Game Length28:4830:56

This matchup should be interesting. GAM were thoroughly dominant throughout the split in their region, yet couldn’t take down FL in the finals. We see the exact same story with MCX against TLN, and after seeing how cheap GAM’s roster is, we could see some crazy results tomorrow. MCX are the safe bet, but going in on such an expensive team in a more uncertain matchup seems a bit silly. We don’t yet know how these regions will perform against each other in this tournament, so a GAM returning to form could be catastrophic for MCX. Both teams have made some questionable drafting decisions in the finals, but what else is new. 


Levi is one of the more well known players for this region and is probably the most recognizable in this slate. He’s been around for a little while now, and his performances on champions like Nidalee were excellent. This in combination with Kiaya and Dia1 make for a dangerous trio. Blazes has had some good games, and he is certainly a cheap ADC in this slate, but he doesn’t necessarily stand out in the same way. Still, if you really like GAM, he would be worthwhile. Mission and Bruce are strong picks for MCX, and don’t underestimate Gemini either. He had some pretty off games during the finals against TLN, but honestly they drafted poorly and left him on picks that couldn’t do much to synergize with the rest of the team. The games where his picks worked well with the team, he had some great performances. Pk’s record isn’t the greatest, and in the face of Kiaya that might prove troublesome. 

GAM Top Picks:

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MCX Top Picks:
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