06.10.20 LOL LPL Slate

If you’re reading this and wondering how FPX could have lost that series, well, you aren’t alone. It seems even the simplest of matchups fall prey to whatever nonsense teams are pulling out during the beginning of the split, so honestly you can expect anything. We’ll still work to inform you as to who has the better chances and why, and as we’ve mentioned before, things will calm down as a few weeks go by. Pretty soon teams are going to be giving it their all, and it will be interesting to see which teams will actually improve in that scenario. 


StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+3 Pts
Assists+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Creep Score+0.02 Pts
10+ K/A Bonus+2 Pts (10 Kills or 10 Assists in a single game)


StatisticFantasy Points*Teams drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Turrets+1 Pt
Dragons+2 Pts
Barons+3 Pts
First Blood+2 Pts
Win+2 Pts
Win in Under 30 Minutes Bonus+2 Pts

VG(+110) V RNG(-143)  (5 AM EST)

Avg. Game Length32:5633:50

Matchup Analysis

Between the 2 teams, RNG’s 1st performance of the split looked more convincing. They had to fight OMG, a team that hasn’t always been very consistent but was considered better than BLG, and they played well given they were starting New and Xiaohu. They are doing so again, and it is definitely possible to imagine VG taking the series, but it should be close. Odds are we’ll see 3 games in this matchup. 


VG Top Picks:

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RNG Top Picks:
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VG was able to thoroughly dominate BLG, particularly in Game 1. Cube had an amazing series, although it should be taken into consideration that the picks weren’t ideal for BLG. The Maokai in Game 1 was just horrible, and kingen was simply outmatched in Game 2. We’ve included Cube here in case New isn’t as on point in this series, but choose your top laner carefully. iBOY actually saw 1 kill and 11 assists in Game 2 as Senna, although he did fine on Kalista, so a VG win should still treat him well. What really stood out was the scores on Aix and Forge, even if Forge did die a little too often Game 2. 

XLB had an incredible series and should be taken very seriously in this matchup. If things go well for RNG here, XLB is sure to be a part of it. Be careful of Xiaohu in case things go wrong for RNG and they sub in Cryin… or if they just decide to sub in Cryin anyway. Wouldn’t put it past any team at this point to sub in a player for no reason. New is likely going to have a more challenging top lane, and unless RNG steamroll their way through VG, his scores aren’t as likely to be so impressive. 

SN(+308) V JDG(-455)  (7 AM EST)

Avg. Game Length33:0532:44

Matchup Analysis

After taking down WE, SN are looking pretty good, but a good deal of that victory can be attributed to WE messing around and playing incredibly poorly. The only reason WE didn’t get dominated in a few of those games was because they have such a skilled roster, but watching Teacherma play Aurelion Sol just hurt. It seems WE had some trouble snowballing their lead given some very sloppy mistakes, and logic tells us JDG will be more solid. Still, anything can happen, and this is JDG’s 1st game of the Summer Split… so you never know.


SN Top Picks:

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JDG Top Picks:
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It’s worth noting Bin had a pretty big impact during the WE series, although he didn’t score as high due to WE’s heavy focus on the top lane. If JDG decides to repeat this strategy but end up losing, we could see the same exact thing unfold. The rest of the roster benefits more, so if SN does upset in true “beginning of the split” fashion, then the rest of the roster will do your lineup justice. Still, JDG are a formidable team, and it isn’t really a great strategy to say they’ll lose based on how strange the split has gone so far. It’s possible they’ll come into the split firing on all cylinders to redeem themselves from losing so badly to FPX during the MSC.

Pricing is fairly normal for the RNG/VG matchup, but we have some differences in pricing with JDG/SN. DK has JDG as the most expensive players, given their dominance last split, while FD has JDG fairly cheap; other than Kanavi, JDG’s players are more expensive than the SN roster while cheaper than both RNG and VG. If you planned on stacking that series on FD, that’s a bit unfortunate, but that typically isn’t the way to go (and hasn’t been even for this split; the only time that paid off was EDG/WE.) Kanavi is the cheapest jungler in the slate, so if JDG do show up, that can be an incredible payoff. Meanwhile, choosing top picks for JDG isn’t really that difficult, although we left out Zoom in case JDG throw him on a tank to allow Kanavi to shine.

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