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The most important part of COD DFS is identifying which series will go to 4 or 5 games so we can benefit from an extra Hardpoint and maybe S&D barring a disaster. Below I will lay out which series should hit this target, as well as the players to stack from each team. This is more difficult with these tournaments being played online now as internet connections and player locations can influence the games, but generally the better teams will win and we should look at this as any other tournament. Activision has been making server improvements to try to limit this variance, so upsets should be even more rare now, but apparently yesterday had different ideas. For more in depth analysis of each team, check out my previous article here: https://gameondailyfantasy.com/2020/06/12/06-12-20-cod-slate/

NOTE: Players are listed in order based on a combination of expected performance and salary. If I feel 2 players are fairly even, I will list the cheaper one first in most cases, but with DK’s terrible pricing, it doesn’t make that much of a difference in some cases. Some players are grouped together meaning that neither has a distinct advantage and either is playable. Remember, winning teams will all score within 6 points of each other, so just get the best one you can afford and don’t worry if you have to drop your team spot down to fit someone else in. Players are much more important for fantasy.

Top series stack: 

Dallas Empire vs Atlanta Faze

This is the Finals matchup most people expected, so it is sure to not disappoint. Dallas took the last meeting of these teams 3-1, and I am expecting a similar result once again. Atlanta is a better S&D team and should be able to make this a close series despite looking very poor against Seattle yesterday. Cellium was great for Atlanta in that series and he is very underpriced today. Simp was disappointing, but is coming off a fantastic series against Seattle. The 2 of them are always in play whenever Atlanta plays and today is no different. Abezy is a distant third option here, and I’m not sure if going there is necessary with the low salaries of Cellium and Simp. Shotzzy and Huke were on fire yesterday and are the top targets once again here. They were the top performers against Atlanta last time and I am expecting the same once again. Clayster has been very consistent which puts him ahead of iLLeY for me after the latter didn;t look too great yesterday. Once again though, I would mostly stick to the top here as it’s not impossible to afford the top guys in this series. Another 3-1 victory for Dallas seems likely here, but Atlanta could push this series to 5 games or even take it 3-1 themselves. Either way, a sweep would be very surprising here.

DAL: Shotzzy, Huke, Clayster, iLLeY

ATL: Cellium, Simp, Abezy

Other series to pair with:

Florida Mutineers vs Los Angeles Guerillas

I think the remaining 3 series all seem fairly lopsided, but I think LAG has the best chance to take a map because of their strong S&D play. After starting up 2-0, LAG got absolutely stomped in the next 2 respawns once Toronto woke up, so we could be looking at big scores from Florida if this series is extended. Owakening looked good in his debut and he is still very affordable and allows you to spend up once again. Skyz was his usual self and is the top play here once again, despite his high price. I will be fading Havok and Frosty as I feel like yesterday’s performances will bring their ownership way up, but they are definitely both in play here if you want to ride the hot hands. Fero is still in a rut and is expensive, but this is definitely the matchup to turn things around. Use him sparingly though as he has just looked lost recently. I will say the same thing as yesterday for LAG; Blazt is really the only playable option here and even then he’s not super appealing in a matchup with Skyz that saw Formal underperform yesterday. Blazt was the only LAG player to break 100 in a 5 game win yesterday, which is pretty terrible and makes these guys borderline unplayable. Saints did look good at the beginning of yesterday’s series and could be a low owned value play that has a chance to put up a good score, but he just hasn’t really been that player this year. I think LAG can take the S&D here and make it a 3-1 win for Florida today.

FLA: Skyz, Owakening, Frosty, Havok, Fero

LAG: Blazt,       Saints?

Chicago Huntsmen vs Toronto Ultra

The skill difference between these 2 teams is hard to overstate, but Toronto has looked much better online and has actually played very well against Chicago in recent scrims. There is always the worry of a sweep with Chicago, but they were shaky yesterday. That may be attributed to a mental block against Florida though, as they are the only team that is undefeated against Chicago. Same as yesterday, Envoy and Formal are the top plays here while Arcitys and Scump are interchangeable. Arcitys was the top player yesterday, so it might be Scump’s turn to go off today. Once again though, I’m not sure you need to go down to them here. Methodz dropped a big dud as the highest owned player on the slate yesterday, and you’d have to think even a marginally better performance would have resulted in a series win. I love him here as his price plummeted and I’m sure a lot of people will be scared to go back to him today. Classic really turned it up at the end of the series and should be a reliable option once again here. I loved Bance yesterday and I am going back to the well again here since his price didn’t change. He led the team with a 1.31 K/D in scrims vs Chicago and a performance like that here would put him right in the optimal lineup today. I am fully expecting a Chicago victory here, most likely 3-0 or 3-1.

CHI: Formal, Envoy, Scump, Arcitys

TOR: Methodz, Classic, Bance

Series I am avoiding:

Minnesota Rokkr vs Seattle Surge

It’s hard to put a series to avoid, especially after seeing all 4 series yesterday going at least 4 games, but I just really don’t believe in Seattle here. I have no idea how they jumped out to a 2-0 lead yesterday, but Minnesota really needs to win here or something will have to change for them. I’m sure the players know that and they will go hard to make sure they keep their spots on this roster. Assuming Alexx doesn’t drop another 0.58, this should be an easy win for the Rokkr. GodRx and Assault are back to the duo they were earlier this year, and they should be able to feast on this weak Seattle roster. Alexx is a prime bounce back candidate and makes for a great GPP play assuming his dud scares people off him. Everyone knows that Octane is in play every slate, and that may be as far as you want to go with this roster. It’s hard to see Seattle winning a map here, but after their series against Atlanta, anything is possible. We saw what happened yesterday so getting shares of every series probably isn’t the worst idea, but there is a decent chance that any of these last 3 series are sweeps.

MIN: GodRx, Assault,    Alexx

SEA: Octane,         Slacked,      Proto

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