06.20.20 COD Slate

First things first, what is this pricing on Fanduel? It seems they have just randomized every name for today’s slate and matched them with random prices. Regardless, we move to day 2 of CDL Paris and every game today promises to be eventful with good storylines. Will Paris win a map at their own tournament? Can Dallas get revenge on Florida? Will Atlanta and New York finally realize that there are objectives in this game and kills aren’t everything? Will we get 2019 MVP Dashy or another 0.56 performance? We have a fun slate today with a bunch of good matches, but both sites have made their contests so small that it’s tough to justify playing a ton here, but that’s never stopped us before!

The scoring here is pretty similar between the 2 sites, but Fanduel decided to update their rules to reward players and teams who win quickly. This scoring is similar to CS:GO in that you need high kill counts to score well, while objective play provides a nice bonus. For Call of Duty, there are 5-game series with the following game modes: Hardpoint – S&D – Domination – Hardpoint – S&D. For DFS purposes, Hardpoint will be the highest scoring gamemode, followed by Domination, with S&D significantly behind for the most part. Fanduel has added an additional point per S&D kill to help try to bridge the gap, but it will still be the lowest scoring mode for players. Despite the scoring change, we still want at least a 4 game series for both sites, as most players will score more in Hardpoint than the 30 point sweep bonus from Fanduel, and Draftkings still has no adjustment. This means that game stacking should still be a viable strategy, but getting a 1-off from a sweep could pay off if they do well enough.

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Bomb Plants/Defuses (S&D)+3 Pts
Capture Time (Hardpoint)+0.1 Pts per 1 second
Captures (Domination)+1 Pt
S&D Kill Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+1 Pt
Maps Not Played Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+15 Pts
StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Wins (Match)+10 Pts
Wins (Games)+4 Pts
Wins (Rounds S&D)+0.5 Pts
Maps Not Played Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+3 Pts

Included next to each player are their Kill/Death ratio for the season, along with their average Hardpoint capture time and Domination captures per game. S&D plants/defuses were not included as these are mostly situational and only a handful of players average a significant number. Team spots were not included as the maximum a winning team can get is 28, and the minimum a winning team can get is 22. For some reason there is no penalty for losing games, so a team will benefit from going to a full 5 games so they have a chance to win more S&D rounds. The strategy here is to just get the cheapest winning team to make the rest of your lineup fit, and it may even be possible to do well with a losing team if your players score high enough.


This is sure to be an interesting series, as both of these teams have been relying on their slaying ability to win instead of actually focusing on objectives. This means we should expect high kill counts across the board here, especially if the maps stay close. Atlanta definitely has the edge in terms of talent, but they have just looked lost recently and it’s hard to trust them to easily win favorable matches anymore. A lot of these guys have been priced down despite the great potential here, so fitting pieces of this series into your lineups shouldn’t be a problem today.


When you look at this stacked roster, it’s definitely surprising to see that they had to go to round 11 in game 5 to defeat Toronto yesterday. Despite such a close win, every single player here had at least a 1.0 K/D as they just can’t seem to turn their slaying prowess into map wins recently. For some reason, Cellium is priced WAY down on Fanduel today after a monster performance yesterday that saw him set the S&D kill record and top the slate in fantasy points. Simp was actually the worst player from this team yesterday, but he still had a 1.0 K/D which is great for an off day. As always, they make for a great combo from this lineup that is rather top-heavy for DFS. The rest of these guys are playable if you need value, but I don’t think that will be necessary with today’s bizarre pricing.

NY (7-12)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Since making his debut a few tournaments ago, Mack has been leading this team and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. After him though, things get a bit murky here. There is merit to playing all of the rest of the team, and we saw big performances from Accuracy and Temp (to a lesser extent) yesterday. Of course, Attach and ZooMaa could very well be the ones to go off today, so this could just be a “get who you can afford” situation with this lineup. 

DAL v FLA   (2:30PM EST)

It’s not often that we get a rematch between top teams so soon, but these teams just played in the semi-final of CDL MInnesota and Dallas is looking for revenge here. We saw a pretty back and forth series then, resulting in a 3-2 win for Florida, so a similar result should be expected here. These may be the 2 best teams in the league right now with Atlanta looking shaky as of late, so this should be the most entertaining series of the day. The last matchup saw big numbers from Havok and Skyz for Florida, and Shotzzy and iLLeY from Dallas, so we’ll have to see if they can replicate those performances here. Either way, we should see some big scores from both sides in this close matchup.

DAL (16-8)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Shotzzy continues to put up big numbers for Dallas and despite having Dallas’ 3rd best K/D for the series, his objective play once again made him the highest scoring player from this lineup. Huke had the best K/D and may need to do so again to match Florida’s slaying power. iLLeY looked great yesterday and finally seems to be coming into his own recently, and he was the only other player to go positive alongside Huke last time. Clayster and C6 looked very outmatched against Florida a week ago and there’s not much reason to expect different here, so they are GPP only plays today.

FLA (14-8)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

After one of the easier 3-0 sweeps you’ll ever see, Florida are looking to defeat Dallas again and prove that last week’s win wasn’t a fluke. This team is pretty stacked from top to bottom, but Skyz and Owakening are the leaders of this team. For some reason Skyz is extremely cheap today despite leading the team in K/D both yesterday and last match against Dallas with a 1.46 and 1.40 respectively. He is making a case for best AR player in the league and is a great play today at his stupidly low price. The other 3 are all in play, with Fero looking best recently, while Havok was the top player last time against Dallas and Frosty is somewhat in the middle of both.


These 2 teams are coming off very different results, as Toronto shocked everyone when they were 1 round away from beating Atlanta, while OGLA couldn’t get anything going against New York and lost a disappointing series. This was in large part due to Dashy’s 0.56 K/D, which is the worst individual performance we have seen this season. Assuming that doesn’t happen again, OGLA should have a good chance to take this series, but at the very least this should be a close one.


With Dashy looking like a completely different player from last year’s MVP, Slasher may be the only player from this lineup that you can really trust. Still, Dashy is very cheap now and has as much talent as anyone in the league, and he has to bounce back eventually. He should only be played in GPPs as he has just looked lost recently and I’m starting to wonder if he even plays this game outside of these tournaments. Speaking of cheap, Slasher is only $8700 on Fanduel for whatever reason, so if you are looking at this series, you should probably start there. As always, the rest of this lineup isn’t trustworthy and aren’t necessary pieces to target today.

TOR (4-11)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

CleanX had a solid debut yesterday for fantasy purposes, as his strong objective play made up for his subpar K/D. This vaulted him to the top of this team on Draftkings though, and I’m not sure paying up for him is a good idea today, especially with the much more talented players around him. It’s hard to recommend anyone else here since they have all been so lackluster recently, but Methodz looked better yesterday than he had recently, so he could be a solid piece from this roster if you really want to go here.

LON v PAR   (5:30PM EST)

Hooray, we get to pick on Paris again. This joke of a team proved yesterday that they belong at the bottom of the standings and they should be there soon as it is hard to see them beating a single other team in the league. London didn’t look overly impressive yesterday, which may be attributed to Wuskin and Skrapz’ “heartbreaking news” they received that morning, although those 2 were the only players that really showed up against Dallas. Paris on the other hand……yikes. They got swiftly 3-0’d by Florida and gave up maybe the fastest triple cap in the history of Domination, so at least the series was almost entertaining. Maybe the Legion can take a map off their European counterpart to not go 0-6 at their own tournament, but I wouldn’t hold my breath with the way they’ve been playing.

LON (8-10)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Zer0 is still the most expensive player here on DK despite coming back down to earth yesterday as expected, so he is really only playable on Fanduel as a value option. Wuskin led the team in K/D against Dallas to the surprise of no one, and he makes for a solid play once again at a still discounted price. I was hoping for a big series from Dylan yesterday, but with Seany going triple negative in respawns, he was overwhelmed by the Dallas SMGs. This is a completely different matchup though, and I am looking for a bounce back from him as his fast play should allow him to rack up kills against this joke of a team. Skrapz is in play as always as he has been very consistent for this London roster, but he may be a little too expensive today, especially with the options around him.

PAR (6-11)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

There’s really no reason to go here, but if you must get a piece of the “hometown” (even though it’s online) team, Denz and Louqa are really the only “reliable” options here. It will be interesting to see the matchup of the slow ARs in Denz and Wuskin, and I am expecting both of them to have decent K/Ds because of their slow pace. Zed and KiSMET once again proved that they don’t belong in the league, so I am still just waiting for a roster change here.

I will be discussing my top plays and the series to target in our Discord and an additional Premium article, so sign up today to take down some contests this weekend!

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