06.23.20 LOL LPL Slate

With the craziness of yesterday’s slate out of the way, it’s time for some entertaining matchups. Our first matchup is sure to be pure domination on one side, while the other is going to be a bit of a nail biter. The best part? That nail biter might just be the matchup to invest in. 

We’ve started adding stats taken from the games played so far this summer, so some might seem a bit strange. We’ll address any strange numbers when it makes sense to do so, and keep in mind it’s still fairly early on in the split. All of the stats shown won’t accurately reflect everything about how that team will go on to play… but you can’t just sweep all of the numbers under the rug either. 


StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+3 Pts
Assists+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Creep Score+0.02 Pts
10+ K/A Bonus+2 Pts (10 Kills or 10 Assists in a single game)


StatisticFantasy Points*Teams drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Turrets+1 Pt
Dragons+2 Pts
Barons+3 Pts
First Blood+2 Pts
Win+2 Pts
Win in Under 30 Minutes Bonus+2 Pts

JDG(-2000) V DMO(+788)  (5 AM EST)

W/L (Games)3/40/8
Avg. Game Length31:1831:04
Barons/Game.570 (Secure that team spot QUICK)

Matchup Analysis

Remember when we said this slate would be interesting? We weren’t lying, but it’ll be interesting in 2 very different ways. One series is basically already determined, so we’ll be watching to see how well JDG can perform in terms of macro/decision making skills as well as racking up fantasy points. We know they’ll win, but will DMO scrape by with their first won game in a 2-1 situation? Will they continue to get slaughtered, or will JDG be forced to wear DMO down by choking off resources and eventually breaking the base? These are the questions, and honesty if JDG somehow loses this series, then they need to start trying. Losing to TES and RNG is respectable, even if you were the Spring Split Champions, but dropping this series would mean something is horribly wrong with this team.

With all of this said, don’t be too fooled by JDG’s stats so far. As we just mentioned, their major losses were to 2 very strong teams, making a rather poor team board perfectly logical. Since they’re up against DMO, we’re sure to see a better performance than the above table would indicate. 

Twila (Xiaowei) 64%1.68.3

JDG Top Picks:

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DMO Top Picks:
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We wanted to throw in Chelizi in case he pulled a New and dominated Zoom with Wukong, but it doesn’t really make much sense to include anyone from DMO here. They simply don’t have enough of a chance to be worthwhile picks; even their team spot is horrible for you FD players (look again at their impressive number of dragons, it’s Spring Split V5 all over again.) DMO at least has the potential to win a few matches and avoid taking V5’s place, but don’t expect that to begin during this slate.

Yagao is a decent option, but Kanavi has the potential to run away with the game. Despite some issues against TES, he did fairly well into RNG even when losing. Despite Zoom having his issues, he’s up against a different top laner (and those of you who want JDG/iG will be forced to choose between Zoom and TheShy, so that choice is obvious.) LokeN is bound to have a decent series here, but we should mention the cost of these players is pretty high. There’s no way you’ll grab these 3 picks and pair them with 4 iG spots without changing up the Captain slot a bit (a Jungle Captain isn’t the worst idea in this slate for that reason.) 

LGD(+141) V iG(-185)  (7 AM EST)

Avg. Game Length32:0832:44

Matchup Analysis

As tempting as the above matchup is to stack, we’ve got what’s sure to be a thrilling game ahead of us in LGD/iG. iG’s comeback has been ferocious despite TheShy’s continued lackluster performances, and LGD looks like a whole new team with Kramer being given so much room to shine. We’ll get into the players in just a second, but despite iG”s recent successes, don’t rule out LGD by any means. Their pricing is pretty close to iG’s, but cheaper is cheaper and their chances are good.


LGD Top Picks

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iG Top Picks:
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It’s become clear to us just how great LPL is for junglers; we’ve seen more slates with multiple excellent jungle choices in the LPL than in other regions. Not to say LCK and EU are necessarily lacking in that department (we don’t talk about NA here) but there’s something about the LPL junglers that just separates them. Even with Kramer’s power, it would be awesome to see Peanut focus on Langx against TheShy. Get that lane out of control and it could be over for iG very quickly so long as Kramer and Mark survive. If you’re worried that will hurt Kramer’s score, we’ve seen bot lanes continue to run the show even after the team turns its attention to the top side of the map early. Once the fights break out, the marksmen are just given free reign to pick off targets riddled with gold deficits and level disadvantages.

If you like the favorites here, Ning and RooKie are the way to go. Puff hasn’t been the star player on iG as consistently as we’d like, and RooKie has stepped it up compared to last split. In the event of an iG win, Southwind could still be a great choice as he’ll share plenty of assists from the team. Still, even given the closer nature of this matchup, LGD’s lineup looks incredibly tempting to pair with JDG. 

Overall Summary of Picks By Role 

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