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When the MP5 got buffed last week, I expect the meta to change and for AR players to have more of an advantage, but yesterday showed that they have much more of an advantage than I imagined. The AR role is so much better now that Simp and Mack, maybe the 2 best SMG players this season, are both running ARs now. This was completely unexpected as neither of them had used an AR in the past 2 weeks of scrims (or in their careers in general), so at least now we know how these teams are adjusting to the meta change. We only saw 3 primary SMG players have a positive K/D yesterday, so targeting AR players is definitely the way to go now. Hopefully as the new meta settles in, we will start to see some consistency with players’ roles and make our DFS decisions easier. We saw all 4 matches yesterday ending with a 3-1 scoreline, but I’m not sure we’ll see the same again today.

The scoring here is pretty similar between the 2 sites, but Fanduel decided to update their rules to reward players and teams who win quickly. This scoring is similar to CS:GO in that you need high kill counts to score well, while objective play provides a nice bonus. For Call of Duty, there are 5-game series with the following game modes: Hardpoint – S&D – Domination – Hardpoint – S&D. For DFS purposes, Hardpoint will be the highest scoring gamemode, followed by Domination, with S&D significantly behind for the most part. Fanduel has added an additional point per S&D kill to help try to bridge the gap, but it will still be the lowest scoring mode for players. Despite the scoring change, we still want at least a 4 game series for both sites, as most players will score more in Hardpoint than the 30 point sweep bonus from Fanduel, and Draftkings still has no adjustment. This means that game stacking should still be a viable strategy, but getting a 1-off from a sweep could pay off if they do well enough.

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Bomb Plants/Defuses (S&D)+3 Pts
Capture Time (Hardpoint)+0.1 Pts per 1 second
Captures (Domination)+1 Pt
S&D Kill Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+1 Pt
Maps Not Played Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+15 Pts
StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Wins (Match)+10 Pts
Wins (Games)+4 Pts
Wins (Rounds S&D)+0.5 Pts
Maps Not Played Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+3 Pts

Included next to each player are their Kill/Death ratio for the season, along with their average Hardpoint capture time and Domination captures per game. S&D plants/defuses were not included as these are mostly situational and only a handful of players average a significant number. Team spots were not included as the maximum a winning team can get on Draftkings is 28, while the minimum a winning team can get is 22 on Draftkings. On Fanduel, the minimum is 25 and the maximum is 31. The strategy here is to just get the cheapest winning team to make the rest of your lineup fit, and it may even be possible to do well with a losing team if your players score high enough.


Our first match of the day isn’t a very exciting one, as Atlanta outclasses this new look Toronto roster in every category. Both of these teams played fairly weak competition yesterday in LAG and PAR respectively, and this will be the first real test for Toronto’s new roster. Classic struggled to begin yesterday’s series, as most SMG players did, but he picked it up as he felt more comfortable back in the lineup. For some reason Simp was using an AR instead of Atlanta’s flex player Priestahh, so we’ll have to see if that is a permanent thing now or if they were just trying it out. Unlike LAG, Toronto’s S&D isn’t good enough to rely on them pushing this series to 4 games, so getting shares of this series will basically come down to how you want to deal with the Atlanta players’ ownership, which is always high.

ATL (22-4)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Coming into this tournament, Atlanta had been practicing with the AUG and they said they would use it despite the agreement the pro teams made to ban it. Not only did this not happen, but Priestahh, their 3rd AR player, was using an SMG while Simp, their main SMG player, used an AR. This was completely unexpected and it now makes Simp an even better play than usual for DFS. Cellium is still right up there with him despite a lackluster performance yesterday. MajorManiak continues to be extremely consistent for this team and is a real value play, while the other 2 players are hard to trust right now. Abezy had almost a 1.2 K/D yesterday (2nd highest of all SMG players), but we saw how much trouble SMG players in general were having with this new meta, so I don’t know if that is sustainable. Priestahh has looked atrocious recently and until he picks it up he can’t be trusted for DFS.

TOR (6-12)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

As expected, Cammy and Bance played very well with ARs yesterday and they carried this team against Paris for much of the series until Methodz picked it up and went huge in the last 2 maps. Those 3 are the top targets here once again, but I’m not sure how much success they’ll see in this matchup. Atlanta is a very different team than Paris. Classic was finally added to DK’s player pool, but is way too expensive compared to his teammates.

CHi V NY   (2:30PM EST)

Both of these teams are championship contenders this weekend so this should be a great matchup. Chicago is the best respawn team in the league right now, and New York will need to steal one of those and probably win both S&D’s to take this series. The Subliners looked better yesterday than they had recently, but I don’t know if that was due to their improvements or if Minnesota has just plummeted from a top-4 team to the bottom of the barrel. At this point, I lean towards the latter. Anyways, this should be a good fast paced series that should bleed fantasy points if it is not a sweep.

CHI (18-6)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

We saw the return of ARcitys yesterday and it really was a treat. Arcitys had the 2nd most fantasy points of the day and is a fantastic play once again against New York. Formal was up there with him as expected, but Envoy had one of his worst series of the season, so we’ll have to see if he can bounce back here. He definitely has the talent to do so. Prestinni actually used an AR at times yesterday, so he could make for a sneaky value option if he does so again here. If Chicago wins all the respawns and loses the S&D like they usually do, this could be another high scoring day for these players.

NY (9-15)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

New York is coming off a dominant win against Minnesota  despite looking absolutely terrible in scrims over the past 2 weeks. They ended up completely changing their strategy from scrims by moving Attach back to the SMG role and giving Mack an AR, which really seemed to have worked out. Unfortunately this made Attach’s stats suffer, but he still scored well since every player on this team had a 1.1+ K/D yesterday. I’m not sure the same will happen against a strong Chicago team, but this lineup knows how to get kills and they usually do so more than play the objectives, so there could be some decent scores here even in a loss. Mack is still a top play even at his price, while Temp is 2nd now that he is running an AR. ZooMaa actually had the best performance of any SMG player yesterday, but again, I don’t think that’s sustainable.


What an ugly matchup. LAG and Paris are maybe the 2 worst teams in the league, and we get the pleasure of watching them face off today. This new meta definitely helps Paris more than LAG, but it’s hard to see them beating anybody right now. A roster change has been long overdue for months now and at this point they seem to just be complacent with losing every match. LAG put up a decent fight against Atlanta and should be able to take this match easily as they have an advantage in every game mode. A sweep is definitely possible, but in online COD anything can happen really, so getting a few LAG players could pay off today.

LAG (5-13)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Blazt is up there among the most consistent players in the league since the move to online and he is once again the top player here. Decemate looked great with an AR yesterday and is also in play, while the other 3 are really just dart throws. Vivid is a solid play on Fanduel where you get bonus points for S&D kills, but he is still too inconsistent in respawns to have much confidence in. The other 2 are also inconsistent, but what do you expect from a 5-13 team?

PAR (6-13)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Zed shocked everyone yesterday with his first positive K/D since CDL Dallas in early April, but don’t expect the same here. KiSMET is still looking for his first positive series in months as well as these 2 are still dragging this team down. Denz and Louqa looked solid yesterday as expected, but they definitely didn’t do as well as they should have. This is an easier matchup though and they should have more opportunities to make up for their other teammates today. Rostering anyone from this team is still just a GPP dart throw though, so don’t go overboard here.

LON V MIN   (5:30PM EST)

I’m going to get it out of the way first, I have lost all hope in Minnesota. I have been expecting them to turn it around and look like they did at the beginning of the game, but they have just been disappointing me every time they play now. They went from a top-4 team with GodRx in the conversation for best player in the league, to now being a dumpster fire of a team with GodRx struggling to have a positive series. They honestly looked like a bunch of random players in a public match yesterday with 0 communication or team play that honestly hurt to watch. London on the other hand came out hot against Chicago, giving them only their 2nd Hardpoint loss since Prestinni joined the roster, but they couldn’t do anything after that and ultimately lost 3-1. This should really be a close series, but London looks much better than Minnesota in every way right now and I’m not sure the Rokkr will be in another semi-final for the rest of the year.

LON (9-12)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

London’s slower playstyle fits the meta change well, and they really showcased that yesterday when they took the 1st hardpoint off Chicago. Skrapz and Wuskin led the way as expected and they are the top targets once again here. Zer0 also played well, but his price is a bit high compared to his teammates. After seeing NY’s SMGs light up this Minnesota team yesterday, Dylan could be a solid play at a discounted price. All of these players besides Seany are solid plays today at fairly low prices and are great pieces to fill out a lineup.

MIN (12-13)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

The new meta should play directly into Minnesota’s hands, yet they looked worse than they have recently, so I don’t even know what to think of them anymore. It got so bad that Asim had to pull out an AR and lead the team in kills, and at that point you know something is wrong. Alexx claims to be fine now after a thumb injury cause him to have a 0.58 K/D against Dallas, but he then proceeded to drop a 0.56 yesterday, so I don’t know if he is still hurt or is just in a massive slump. Assault and GodRx should be leading this team but neither of them have really shown up recently. Assault still did fine yesterday considering how badly they lost, and he is really the only decent target from this team now.

I will be discussing my top plays and the series to target in our Discord and an additional Premium article, so sign up today to take down some contests this weekend!

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