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Once again we see a final four without any upsets, and we finally get the long anticipated Chicago/Atlanta matchup. This should be one of the best matches of the season and the winner will most likely be the CDL New York Champion. Our other match features a Toronto team that was expected to make it here, although not as the top seed from their group, but they ended up taking both S&D’s against Atlanta to make it through undefeated. New York on the other hand has been cruising through respawns and all 5 players have a positive K/D for the tournament coming into today. I expect both of these series to end in a similar fashion, but we have seen some unexpected results this weekend, so on a 2 game slate like this, it may be best to just enjoy the matches and not go overboard.

The scoring here is pretty similar between the 2 sites, but Fanduel decided to update their rules to reward players and teams who win quickly. This scoring is similar to CS:GO in that you need high kill counts to score well, while objective play provides a nice bonus. For Call of Duty, there are 5-game series with the following game modes: Hardpoint – S&D – Domination – Hardpoint – S&D. For DFS purposes, Hardpoint will be the highest scoring gamemode, followed by Domination, with S&D significantly behind for the most part. Fanduel has added an additional point per S&D kill to help try to bridge the gap, but it will still be the lowest scoring mode for players. Despite the scoring change, we still want at least a 4 game series for both sites, as most players will score more in Hardpoint than the 30 point sweep bonus from Fanduel, and Draftkings still has no adjustment. This means that game stacking should still be a viable strategy, but getting a 1-off from a sweep could pay off if they do well enough.

StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Kills+2 Pts
Deaths-1 Pt
Bomb Plants/Defuses (S&D)+3 Pts
Capture Time (Hardpoint)+0.1 Pts per 1 second
Captures (Domination)+1 Pt
S&D Kill Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+1 Pt
Maps Not Played Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+15 Pts
StatisticFantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Wins (Match)+10 Pts
Wins (Games)+4 Pts
Wins (Rounds S&D)+0.5 Pts
Maps Not Played Bonus **FANDUEL ONLY**+3 Pts

Included next to each player are their Kill/Death ratio for the season, along with their average Hardpoint capture time and Domination captures per game. S&D plants/defuses were not included as these are mostly situational and only a handful of players average a significant number. Team spots were not included as the maximum a winning team can get is 28, and the minimum a winning team can get is 22 on Draftkings. On Fanduel, the max is 31 while the minimum is 25, so it doesn’t really make a difference there either. The strategy here is to just get the cheapest winning team to make the rest of your lineup fit, and it may even be possible to do well with a losing team if your players score high enough, although that usually isn’t necessary.


The long awaited matchup of these teams is finally here as fans have been waiting for this all season. Chicago looks much improved with the new meta and are actually a decent S&D team now, while Atlanta has looked strong in respawns while their S&D has been lacking. Chicago has looked much more impressive so far this tournament after going 2-0 against London and New York, while Atlanta hasn’t looked all that great, coming away with a 2-1 record against LAG, Paris, and Toronto. This is sure to be a very close series and the result may come down to the S&D’s, making both teams’ players good options on this small slate.

CHI (19-6)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Chicago looks like the much better respawn team right now, making them the preferred target from this series. Arcitys and Formal lead the way with their AR’s, while the rest of  the team hasn’t been outstanding thus far. Prestinni has been using an AR at times and looks good with it, making him a solid value option if you need one. Envoy has been having maybe his worst tournament performance of the season, but he is talented enough to be able to turn it around, and he may have to with the way his SMG counterpart for Faze has been playing. 

ATL (23-5)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Has anyone told Abezy that the MP5 got nerfed? Not only is he the only non-New York SMG player with a positive K/D this weekend, he is leading the entire event with a 1.39! That’s just absurd and there’s just no way he does so again here….right? While his stats are impressive, he has played against 3 of the 4 worst teams in the league, so Chicago probably won’t let him just run and gun everyone again. Still, it’s hard to argue against his recent play. Cellium and Simp are still the top targets here as they are so damn consistent, but they seem to trade off big performances so it’s tough to choose between them. Simp is usually higher owned so Cellium could be the better play for DFS if you want some leverage. MajorManiak had his first negative K/D since April yesterday and he will need to bounce back against a stellar AR duo if Atlanta wants to prove they are the best team in the game.

NY v TOR   (5:30PM EST)

Both of these teams have looked impressive this weekend, with Toronto taking down Atlanta and New York defeating both London and Minnesota, but they have taken very different paths to get here. Toronto defeated Faze by winning both S&D’s and stealing a Hardpoint, while New York has taken 2/3 respawns in all 3 series they’ve played. Not only have they been winning, all 5 Subliners have a positive K/D this weekend which is amazing considering the teams they have faced. Much like their series against Atlanta, Toronto will need to steal a respawn once again if they want to move on. Both teams are looking for the first Grand Final appearance of the season, so this is sure to be another great match.

NY (10-16)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

It’s hard to say something about this team other than the fact that they are all positive this week. Everyone from this lineup is playable, with the AR duo of Mack and Temp leading the way. Attach and ZooMaa are solid plays as well in a matchup that should provide them with plenty of kills, while Accuracy is a salary relief option but his kill total may not be high enough on a 2 game slate. Even when they lose, New York knows how to get kills, so stacking this team could pay big dividends.

TOR (7-12)DK SalaryFD SalaryK/DHP TIMEDOM CAPs

Toronto’s new roster has performed very well so far thanks to the AR trio of Methodz, Cammy, and Bance, but they have a tough test ahead of them today. New York is very similar to Atlanta, so a repeat of that series is definitely in play here, but every Toronto player went negative in that series so I’m not sure they will score well even if they win. Still, those 3 AR players are in play if you believe in the Ultra, and they could score well on Fanduel where you get extra points for S&D kills if they can push this to a game 5.

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