7.27.20 MLB Main Slate

Monday baseball is going to be tough as many of the more talented pitchers on this slate are facing innings limits. We also have had 2 games already cancelled due to COVID and weather concerns potentially causing more chaos. We will update and weather concerns or lineup anomalies in the discord as all the info comes out. Have a great week everyone! Good luck and game on. 

DraftKings uses this scoring:

Single+3 Pts
Double+5 Pts
Triple+8 Pts
Home Run+10 Pts
Run Batted In+2 Pts
Run+2 Pts
Base on Balls+2 Pts
Hit By Pitch+2 Pts
Stolen Base+5 Pts
Inning Pitched+2.25 Pts
Strikeout+2 Pts
Win+4 Pts
Earned Run Allowed-2 Pts
Hit Against-0.6 Pts
Base on Balls Against-0.6 Pts
Hit Batsman-0.6 Pts
Complete Game+2.5 Pts
Complete Game Shutout+2.5 Pts
No Hitter+5 Pts

Fanduel uses the following:

Single+3 Pts
Double+6 Pts
Triple+9 Pts
Home Run+12 Pts
Run Batted In+3.5 Pts
Run+3.2 Pts
Base on Balls+3 Pts
Hit By Pitch+3 Pts
Stolen Base+6 Pts
Inning Pitched+3 Pts
Strikeout+3 Pts
Win+6 Pts
Earned Run Allowed-3 Pts
Quality Start4 Pts

Blue Jays(+118) V Nationals(-134) 6:05 EST

Trent Thorton$9,000$6,5004.841.41.327.323
Anibal Sanchez$10,000$7,2003.851.27.311.284

Trent Thornton is a reliever masquerading as a starter. His stuff is not good enough to handle this lineup multiple times through and we like the Nationals as a stacking option today. Lefties and righties both hit him well, look towards the top of the order to get to him before he’s pulled. 

Anibal Sanchez has lingered around for years and just won’t go away. He’s basically an average pitcher at this point and he holds righties in check which is a good sign for this matchup. This is a neutral situation and we don’t really like him or Jays bats for fantasy. 

Braves(+123) V (-141) Rays 6:40 EST

Mike Foltynewicz$11,900$8,0004.541.25.307.328
Tyler Glasnow$11,200$9,7001.780.89.185.253

Mike Foltyxnwkvishwnfic is going to be on a tight restriction so he is not fantasy relevant. This is going to be a theme of the day as we try to target pitchers who are looking to shoulder a full set of innings. 

Glasnow is not likely to pitch more than 4-5 innings. There is no reason to target him. He’s the most talented guy going today but he is expensive and any easy trouble will see him getting pulled even sooner. His recent summer did not inspire any confidence either. Look for Braves hitters to take advantage of the bullpen and they might get to Glasgow as well if he is as erratic as his last start. The Braves are stackable. 

Cubs(-121) V Reds(+107) 6:40 EST

Jon Lester$9,200$8,6004.461.50.356.340
Wade Miley$6,000$6,8003.981.34.282.319

Lester threw 66 pitches in his last appearance so we can expect around 85 this time around. Beyond that, there are significant weather concerns here that make this game tough to target for pitching or hitting. We are avoiding this one unless things clear up, keep an eye on the discord for alerts.

Wade Miley is not a great pitcher and we love Cubs righties today but again there are too many storms in the area to be confident in playing them at the moment. 

Brewers(-177) V Pirates(+155) 7:05 EST

Adrian Houser$8,300$6,0003.721.24.347.265
Steven Brault$4,300$5,9005.

Adrian Houser was excellent for the Brewers last year and he is an excellent option today, especially on Fanduel where he is way too cheap. He does have issues with lefties but a solid start with a shot at a win is certainly in the cards and on a day with so many weather concerns, cancellations, and pitch limits, he looks like a favorite target. Josh Bell is a hitter you can target, as well as Colin Moran but we likely aren’t going for bats here.

Steven Brault is supposed to be piggybacking his start with Chad Kuhl and is basically functioning as an extended opener. Limiting each guy should suppress the Brewers offense, not giving them second looks at these guys so it should be an interesting game. Look at Brewers righties if you come here for hitting. 

Yankees() V Phillies() 7:05 EST

J.A. Happ$8,500$7,0004.911.30.280.345
Jake Arrieta$7,000$7,4004.641.47.387.293


Orioles() V Marlins() 7:10 EST

Asher Wojciechowski$6,800$6,4004.921.31.367.314
Pablo Lopez$7,500$6,9005.091.24.367.265


Mariners(+205) V Astros(-240) 7:10 EST

Kendall Graveman$4,900$5,7007.601.66.394.382
Josh James$8,600$6,7004.701.32.310.298

Kendall Graveman has recovered from Tommy John surgery and is back in the majors. He has not had a particularly exciting career so far and the Astros bats should be able to get to him. Altuve and the gang are stackable and ready to unload. 

Josh James is most well known for being a relief pitcher but he is a part of the Astros rotation this year out of necessity. He had a major league mound built in his backyard in March and has been throwing regularly to prepare for the year. He has flashed high strikeout potential is worthy of being a flier pick today. 

Royals(+110) V Tigers(-122) 2:10 EST

Michael Fulmer$6,500$6,0004.691.31.339.313
Mike Montgomery$6,500$6,2004.951.62.490.350

Michael Fulmer is just serving as an opener and has no DFS relevancy. The Tigers want to be careful with their top arm as they work him back from injury. His limit is around 3 innings so the upside just isn’t there. He’s a really solid pitcher but the Royals will have some opportunities once he is out of the game. 

Mike Montgomery was not good last year but he is fortunate enough to be facing the Tigers. He had the best start of his career last year in a game where he recorded 12 strikeouts so we know the upside is there. It’s not fair to expect that type of form from him again but the very plus matchup makes him at least considerable, especially given the lack of other pitching options. 

White Sox(+112) V Indians(-129) 7:10 EST

Dylan Cease$9,400$6,3005.791.55.380.325
Aaron Civale$9,700$7,8002.341.04.281.261

This game has massive weather risk and we are avoiding it at the moment. If the weather clears up, we like Indians bats and although we like Civale, the matchup is a bit risky. 

Mets(-114) V Red Sox(+100) 2:20 EST

Michael Wacha$7,900$6,5004.761.56.343.371
Josh Osich$4,000$5,5004.661.14.229.370

Michael Wacha is a below average pitcher that allows an alarming number of base runners. We’ve already been burned by the Sox’s offense this year but they find themselves in another great matchup. Devers, Peraza, and Benintendi are all fun picks here. 

Josh Osich is just an opener and will be followed by Zach Godley. He is not relevant. The Mets offense is nothing special but we saw what the lowly Orioles were able to do against this pitching staff so there is a chance we see some fireworks from them today. 

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