07.18.20 COD Slate

Yesterday was an abnormal day in online COD since all of the outcomes were expected. Today is not nearly as clear cut though with all 4 matchups fairly even, so we should be in for a treat. Some teams have decided to go back to 4 SMG’s rather than using multiple AR’s which changes upContinue reading “07.18.20 COD Slate”

07.17.20 COD Slate

Last week’s meta change resulted in AR dominance while almost every SMG player was terrible, so now the players have decided that the MP5’s attachment ban from last week should be reversed to give those players a chance to shoot back again. Fun times. We have a very interesting slate today as all 4 matchesContinue reading “07.17.20 COD Slate”

07.12.20 COD Slate

Once again we see a final four without any upsets, and we finally get the long anticipated Chicago/Atlanta matchup. This should be one of the best matches of the season and the winner will most likely be the CDL New York Champion. Our other match features a Toronto team that was expected to make itContinue reading “07.12.20 COD Slate”

07.11.20 COD Slate

When the MP5 got buffed last week, I expect the meta to change and for AR players to have more of an advantage, but yesterday showed that they have much more of an advantage than I imagined. The AR role is so much better now that Simp and Mack, maybe the 2 best SMG playersContinue reading “07.11.20 COD Slate”

07.10.20 COD Slate

Generally when a huge update comes out for a game that has a pro scene, the pros will play on the previous version of the game so they have time to adjust to the new meta. Unfortunately for these teams, COD doesn’t have that luxury so everyone will be playing with last Tuesday’s major weaponContinue reading “07.10.20 COD Slate”

06.21.20 COD Slate

We’re down to the final four and I have to say, it feels good to see the 4 expected teams here. What didn’t feel good was watching OGLA lose what felt like the biggest Hardpoint blowout in COD history. At least Slasher was kind enough to take the “worst series of the season” title fromContinue reading “06.21.20 COD Slate”