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Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 08.02.20

We are back to the usual Sunday race, but this one isn’t the most exciting. This track doesn’t allow for much side-by-side driving so there likely won’t be a lot of carnage. While this is disappointing from a viewing perspective, this does mean that our lineups have less risk this week which is always aContinue reading “Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 08.02.20”

Super Start Batteries 400 7.23.2020

Once again we have a Thursday race and we are on another 1.5 mile track. This track rewards good drivers with good equipment, so it may be less appealing to drop down to the super cheap drivers today. We are once again looking for probably 2 Dominators to lead laps here, while filling out theContinue reading “Super Start Batteries 400 7.23.2020”

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