08.02.20 NBA Main Slate

After the highest scoring day in NBA history, the average score per team dropped by 11 yesterday. Was yesterday the outlier and the bubble is going to see more crazy high scores or did everyone just decide to not play defense on the same day and now we’re back to normal? Either way, we shouldContinue reading “08.02.20 NBA Main Slate”

Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 08.02.20

We are back to the usual Sunday race, but this one isn’t the most exciting. This track doesn’t allow for much side-by-side driving so there likely won’t be a lot of carnage. While this is disappointing from a viewing perspective, this does mean that our lineups have less risk this week which is always aContinue reading “Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 08.02.20”

08.02.20 MLB Main Slate

Today’s main slate is the smallest one yet which will make it that much more important to nail the pitchers because there is nowhere to hide. There is a particular lack of aces here so it should be a fun day with weird lineup builds and plenty of cash for bats. We have some changesContinue reading “08.02.20 MLB Main Slate”

08.02.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate

What a slate! Every game went 2-0, which is even more impressive given it was 5 matchups in place of the usual 4. It will be interesting to see if that can be replicated here today. We have another 5 series slate, so once more we have plenty of opportunities in this slate. Players StatisticContinue reading “08.02.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate”