07.31.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate

It’s insane how close some of these matches are getting. TES was 1 kill and roughly 3k gold apart from SN in Game 1. SN is a good team, but it’s still very interesting to see this outcome. Keep this in mind as you choose your lineups moving forward; it appears to be a moreContinue reading “07.31.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate”

07.11.20 COD Slate

When the MP5 got buffed last week, I expect the meta to change and for AR players to have more of an advantage, but yesterday showed that they have much more of an advantage than I imagined. The AR role is so much better now that Simp and Mack, maybe the 2 best SMG playersContinue reading “07.11.20 COD Slate”

05.14.20 CSGO ESL Slate

FaZe and NiP put on a show yesterday before Astralis stomped G2 and we have some losers bracket games today. Fanduel has a tiny 2 game slate because they suck and don’t care, but all 3 ESL games are featured on the main DK slate. A couple games should be close and then G2 isContinue reading “05.14.20 CSGO ESL Slate”

Daily CSGO Rewind for 4.6.20

Hello everyone! We have received so much great support for everyone and our goal is to begin offering more content soon. To help support this, we are going to put together subscription packages for premium content for CS:GO and LOL. We will still be running free content for a bit and will be taking someContinue reading “Daily CSGO Rewind for 4.6.20”