07.16.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate

It’s an interesting day when both LCK games go 2-0 and LPL runs to 3 games. We’re not too sure that’ll happen again for our upcoming slate, especially given the nature of these matchups. Let’s have a look.  Players Statistic Fantasy Points*Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values Kills +3 Pts Assists +2Continue reading “07.16.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate”

07.15.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate

We’re back to our usual 4 game slates, and it’s going to be a pretty exciting slate. Some of the games are going to be a bit close, and those games will be close for different reasons. Others are a bit more solid for certain teams, but choosing between their players will make for manyContinue reading “07.15.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate”

07.14.20 LOL LPL Slate

It seems to be the week of upsets, with TES being the most surprising. Guess our theories on V5 proved to be somewhat true, although Biubiu rubbed it in by giving us his 2nd Kayle performance. Not to mention Mole was thrown on TF for 2 games, so he was basically benched from a fantasyContinue reading “07.14.20 LOL LPL Slate”

07.14.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five

Today should be really chalky at the top and a question mark beyond that. Gambit should rule the slate and every other match has potential to be pretty close. We don’t think it’s smart to fade Gambit today but eat that chalk and look for the top stacks beyond that to succeed. Good luck todayContinue reading “07.14.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five”

07.13.20 LOL LPL Slate

Well, we’ve got a few 2 gamers for the LPL. There really isn’t much variation here, although the 2nd matchup could be interesting. Even so, 2 gamers can be easier and more exciting to some for that very reason, and even if they weren’t, it’s the LPL. Things are bound to be exciting.  Players StatisticContinue reading “07.13.20 LOL LPL Slate”

07.13.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five

We finally have a 4 game slate again with some 3 game series. These aren’t the best teams around but it’s finally a set that is playable for DFS. Most of this slate looks like they will be close games and chalk might be spread around decently for fun contests. Let’s get back at itContinue reading “07.13.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five”

07.12.20 COD Slate

Once again we see a final four without any upsets, and we finally get the long anticipated Chicago/Atlanta matchup. This should be one of the best matches of the season and the winner will most likely be the CDL New York Champion. Our other match features a Toronto team that was expected to make itContinue reading “07.12.20 COD Slate”

07.12.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate

TES and AF did pretty well, but holy crap did Haro deliver. Quite frankly, RW was the team you wanted that split, which is honestly a bit surprising given how awful they’ve been overall. Sure they were up against DMO, but you don’t usually see this level of bloodshed in a matchup between 2 badContinue reading “07.12.20 LOL LPL/LCK Slate”

07.11.20 COD Slate

When the MP5 got buffed last week, I expect the meta to change and for AR players to have more of an advantage, but yesterday showed that they have much more of an advantage than I imagined. The AR role is so much better now that Simp and Mack, maybe the 2 best SMG playersContinue reading “07.11.20 COD Slate”