4.6.20 CSGO Slate

This slate is fun but likely the toughest one we’ve had so far in terms of roster building. There are plenty of higher priced options with the talent to back it up but much less in terms of value plays. S1mple and Niko will be heavy chalk again and can be faded at your ownContinue reading “4.6.20 CSGO Slate”

4.6.20 LOL LPL Slate

Well… that was disappointing. For those of you who tuned in for our first ever League of Legends podcast, you probably heard me pick Teddy as the must have player for your roster. I’m generally pretty torn about who would be considered a must have player to begin with, making that choice difficult to beginContinue reading “4.6.20 LOL LPL Slate”

4.5.20 LOL LCK/LPL Slate

Yesterday’s matchups might not have been as one sided as those on Thursday, but there were still some surprises. SB proved to have the advantage over HLE as expected, but both GenG and KT fell flat. While these two teams had by no means a guaranteed win (there is no such thing in this gameContinue reading “4.5.20 LOL LCK/LPL Slate”

4.5.20 eNASCAR Pro Invitational

Sunday brings another virtual Nascar race to us through the iRacing simulation platform. This race takes place on the Bristol Motor Speedway track, providing some tight groupings that can lead to a lot of crashes due to lagging internet connections or otherwise over aggressive maneuvers. We will look at a few of the top projectedContinue reading “4.5.20 eNASCAR Pro Invitational”

4.4.20 LOL LEC/LCS Slate

So….. let’s address the elephant in the room.  I have no idea how G2 managed to throw as hard as they did, but here we are. It’s extremely disappointing given the level of skill on that single roster. Sure, Mad Lions did play well, but come on. I don’t even think G2 understands what happened,Continue reading “4.4.20 LOL LEC/LCS Slate”

4.3.20 LOL Slate

Yesterday’s games definitely included some surprises, the main two being APK and LGD. Afreeca was disappointing, letting APK’s top and adc run the show once more this split. The biggest disappointment was WE, particularly in their decision making. Game 1 showed some excellent rotations on WE’s part, keeping LGD from running them over, but theyContinue reading “4.3.20 LOL Slate”

4.3.20 CSGO Slate

This is the largest CS slate so far, with 12 total teams playing. We have some of the best and worst teams going and our first time seeing Tyloo and OG in a Draftkings slate. We also have some very meaningful games where teams are fighting for their lives, like FaZe. These games will haveContinue reading “4.3.20 CSGO Slate”

4.1.20 CSGO Slate

Hopefully HAVU’s massacre of Envy yesterday helped you more than it hurt. Calyx certainly disappointed but his team did not offer any help in this disastrous performance. At our first glance over this slate we see that Draftkings is still not updating the prices properly for some of the top performers on lesser teams. PeopleContinue reading “4.1.20 CSGO Slate”