07.14.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five

Today should be really chalky at the top and a question mark beyond that. Gambit should rule the slate and every other match has potential to be pretty close. We don’t think it’s smart to fade Gambit today but eat that chalk and look for the top stacks beyond that to succeed. Good luck todayContinue reading “07.14.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five”

07.13.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five

We finally have a 4 game slate again with some 3 game series. These aren’t the best teams around but it’s finally a set that is playable for DFS. Most of this slate looks like they will be close games and chalk might be spread around decently for fun contests. Let’s get back at itContinue reading “07.13.20 CSGO DK Nine to Five”

07.08.20 CSGO DK Mythic

We have only a 2 gamer for Mythic today and each series has a team that is much better on paper. It should be a chalky day and if nothing weird happens, a lot of ties will be at the top of the leaderboards. Small slates can be fun but you better not make anyContinue reading “07.08.20 CSGO DK Mythic”

07.07.20 CSGO DK Mythic

Mythic continues with a few more teams that are actual professional CS teams and some others that are….well, not. We see a -1250 favorite which is always great but it makes more sense when it’s like an NBA team versus a team of random celebrities who happen to play basketball, it should be a grossContinue reading “07.07.20 CSGO DK Mythic”

07.07.20 CSGO DK 9 to 5

Draftkings keeps pushing the limits of what their customers will throw money away on and that brings us into this slate. There is a big favorite for the first series and the second one is looking like a 2-1 series that could sway back and forth. We should see sAw guys as a heavy focusContinue reading “07.07.20 CSGO DK 9 to 5”

07.06.20 CSGO DK Mythic

Thank you all for being cool with our holiday weekend break. We were happy to help in the Discord to lower the work on our end but we are back at it with a grotesque slate. Draftkings is apparently cool with stooping as low as the Mythic “streamer league” so this should be interesting! PremiumContinue reading “07.06.20 CSGO DK Mythic”

07.02.20 CSGO DK Summit

I hope you all had your brooms out yesterday to sweep up some cash. None of the series were very close in a weird day for fantasy that saw a bunch of losers outscore main players. The slate today is a bit more all over the place with hopefully closer matchups. Pricing today is lookingContinue reading “07.02.20 CSGO DK Summit”

07.02.20 CSGO Summit

4 more games await us today and we have a few more big favorites. There are a few teams on this slate that are not on the same level as the others and we hope to see them lose and go away for a bit (looking at you Movistar Riders). The showdown today looks likeContinue reading “07.02.20 CSGO Summit”